Video: T.50 takes first 'test drive' with Gordon Murray behind the wheel

Sandra Loyd

Briton drove the prototype of the supercar on the Dunsfold track

Gordon Murray Automotive’s T.50 has already done the first test drive and the first meters of the British supercar were made, even if still far from its full potential, by its creator: Gordon Murray himself.

The prototype of the supercar designated XP2 ran with the full capacity of its 12,000 rpm limited on the Top Gear track in Dunsfold, but, even limited to 3,000, the first development laps left Murray satisfied.

“The XP2 prototype is running with the speeds significantly below the 12,000 limit, but even so, the T.50 looked fantastic on my first drive. The car was responsive, responsive and compensated for driving. It was a fantastic experience to be sitting in the center of the car once again with great visibility all around and I can see how the owners will enjoy the experience. Obviously, there are still many miles of development to complete and many more prototypes to make. But the trajectory of T.50 development is where we want it to be. ”

The Gordon Murray Automotive T.50 will be equipped with an atmospheric V12 engine delivering 663 hp of power and weighing only 986 kg. The supercar with central driving position will have an edition of 100 units to be delivered from 2022 onwards for an estimated price of more than 2 million euros.

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