Video: Rimac C_Two works aerodynamics in the wind tunnel

Sandra Loyd

Electric hypercar will have more than 1,900 horsepower

Rimac Automobili continues to finalize the C_Two prototype and the Croatia-based brand showed how the aerodynamics of its electric hypercar with more than 1,900 hp is working.

Specific work in the wind tunnel is part of aerodynamic optimization in terms of performance, autonomy and efficiency: In this concrete environment, Rimac engineers are concerned with the efficiency of the C_Two, cooling capacity and active aerodynamic systems.

The specificity of being an electric car gains importance in aspects such as the longer trips, which will have very different requirements in relation to a ride on track, never losing sight of the maximization of autonomy with the use of all the available power.

The Rimac C_Two includes specific active aerodynamic parts, which will from the front splitter to the adaptive rear braking wing through the bottom flaps with the car.

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