US State Department: Turkey should respect the sovereignty of Iraq


On Friday, the US State Department called on Ankara to respect the sovereignty of Iraqi territories.

Commenting on the Turkish military operation inside the Kurdistan region, the US State Department said that it is aware of the news reports of the Turkish operations There.

She added that “any military activities inside Iraq must take into account respect for the sovereignty of Iraqi lands.”

This comes while Kurdish media confirmed the occurrence of intense Turkish bombing on Friday evening. On the slopes of “Karra” mountain and three districts in Dohuk, northern Iraq.

For its part, the PKK confirmed to the “Al-Arabiya” and “Al-Hadath” channels that 30 Turkish soldiers had fallen in continuous clashes with the PKK militants in Northern Iraq.

In a related context, the Turkish Ministry of Defense said that it launched air strikes, as part of an operation called “Eagle Claw”, in northern Iraq and destroyed 50 targets of the Kurdistan Workers Party, which Ankara considers a terrorist, including warehouses Weapons and command centers.

The Turkish Ministry of Defense confirmed, “the elimination of 33 members (of the party), including two leaders.”

It indicated that more than 40 warplanes and drones participated in the operation. Military th T led by Ankara against the PKK in northern Iraq.

Yesterday, Thursday, the head of the Parliamentary Security and Defense Committee in Iraq, Muhammad Ridha Al Haydar, said that Turkey is carrying out a “semi-occupation” of the border strip inside Iraq.

This comes at a time when Turkey does not abide by the agreements concluded with Baghdad regarding chasing terrorist organizations within the Iraqi borders.

Ankara launched a military operation against the PKK militants in northern Iraq, In violation of international norms and laws.

In an interview with the Iraqi channel Al-Sumaria, Thursday, Al-Haidar said: “There is an agreement with the Turkish side that was concluded in 2008 requiring the pursuit of terrorist organizations within the Iraqi borders, but for a specific period not exceeding The week or two for a specific distance, but the Turkish side did not abide by it. ”

He emphasized that the Turkish side“ is now occupying a semi-occupation of a long border strip of more than 17 kilometers inside Iraqi territory. ”

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