Upcoming Ethereum miners to process over 2,000 MH

Sandra Loyd

The company Innosilicon, manufacturer and distributor of mining hardware announced the launch of the new ASIC machine for Ethereum mining, the A11 pro ETH (2000 MH) model.

The machine to mine cryptocurrencies will be presented in the market between April and June 2021. Its price ranges between 15 thousand and 16 thousand dollars including shipping freight, as reported by the crypto mining blog .

Among the most outstanding features of the A11 Pro ETH miner is the fact that it can process an Ethash hash rate of 2100 megahashs per second (MH / s) with only 2300W of power consumption. It is expected to have 8GB of memory.

Based on information posted on the blog, the A11 is probably the best option if the final product specifications turn out to be as expected. This is because, even though it may be slower in terms of hash rate and more expensive in terms of price, «it is more efficient in terms of energy, better equipped for use, and with sufficient internal memory. »

Phoenix : another new machine for mining in Ethereum

Competition for Ethereum mining intensifies with the entry into the market of the company Linzhi International Inc., which will launch a new Ethereum ASIC miner called Phoenix.

The device reportedly is three times more powerful than the best alternatives available today. The mining group F2Pool demonstrated the machine in a video posted on YouTube.

The Phoenix outperforms the previous model, A10 + Pro by going from 2600 MH / s. Linzi’s new machine is also more energy efficient with a 3000 watt hour clock compared to the A10 + Pro’s 1300W, the F2Pool video assures.

Estimated to the machine will be on sale between March and April of this year, with a price that will be in the range of between 13 and 14 thousand dollars.

Its main problem is that it has 4.4GB of memory and files with the DAG extension (acyclic graphics that avoid centralization of hash power in the hands of ASIC miners) is over 4GB in size. This means that the life expectancy of these miners would not be very long.

«If you start shipping the product as advertised and you are one of the first to get the device, you may end up using it alone for 4 or 5 months for Ethereum mining. Although I would still be able to mine other cryptocurrencies with the EtHast algorithm and smaller DAGs ”, says the blog.

The price of the Innosilicon A 11 model will be between 15 and 16 thousand dollars. Source: Crypto Mining Blog / cryptomining-blog.com

The work to produce an Ethast ASIC miner more powerful started in 2018, but currently 4.4GB is not enough. If they fail to increase the memory available upon launch, things might not be looking very good for their sales, they add.

Linzhi Inc. was founded by Chen Min, the former CTO of Canaan, a name known to all the people who have been in cryptocurrency mining for a while. This is one of the first companies to make the Bitcoin-ASIC-Avalon mining rigs. Although its origin is Chinese, its current headquarters are in Santa Clara County, California, United States.

The miner for Ethereum mining that is currently with the greatest use in the market is the Innosilicon A10 Pro ETH. It is not based on GPU and is of better performance for Ethast, it also has a hash rate of 500 MH s / its consumption power is 950W, with a price of USD 4,388 (0.125933 BTC). But, it’s already sold out.

However, the post suggests using GPUs for ETH mining as an alternative. He explains that you might even be able to get the same level of performance as with the A10 Pro ETH Miner. “But unfortunately almost all GPUs suitable for mining are currently hard to find and are more expensive than usual.”

Other companies invest in ASIC equipment

These new products hit the market when the Ethereum network has initiated a technical transition to pass of a consensus mechanism of proof of work (PoW) to proof of stake (PoS).

This transition has already started with the acquisition of new ASIC equipment not only for Ethereum mining, but also for Bitcoin. This race was launched this year by the services and infrastructure company, Blockstream, which invested 25 million dollars to expand its business mining operations with the purchase of these machines.

As reported by CriptoNoticias on January 28 By 2021, the miners of this company will be deployed in its facilities in the United States and Canada. Blockstream operates in Victoria, Montreal, and Mountain View (California). Together, these venues have a capacity of 300 megawatts dedicated to Bitcoin mining.

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