‘Unstoppable’ Malware Uses Bitcoin To Retrieve Secret Messages

Tyler Hromadka

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Glupteba, a sly malware that can be managed from afar consists of a series of elements to cover its tracks, and it updates itself utilizing encrypted messages concealed in the Bitcoin blockchain, write cybersecurity professionals from Sophos Labs

The Glupteba bot is a malware campaign that produces backdoors with full access to polluted gadgets, which are added to its growing botnet. The analysis explains it as a “highly self-defending malware” with “enhancing features that enable the malware to evade detection.”

The most intriguing element of Glupteba is that it uses the Bitcoin blockchain as an interaction channel for getting upgraded setup details, considered that bitcoin deals can likewise consist of a comment of approximately 80 characters.

Glupteba uses this messaging space for encrypted messages. These messages include secrets, such as command-and-control server names, therefore skillfully concealing them in the public blockchain – in airplane sight.

Other significant abilities of Glupteba consist of:

  • A cryptojacker, which allows it to function as a management tool for deceptive crypto-miners. If filled effectively,
  • A rootkit that assists it to prevent detection by keeping malware files off the radar.
  • An infection to disperse itself immediately throughout your network.
  • A security suppressor that does its best to turn Windows Protector off.
  • An internet browser thief that pursues regional Chrome, Firefox, Yandex, and Opera information files.
  • A router attack tool to make use of popular home and little business routers to attack other individuals.

The intricate malware is still under continuous advancement, and it appears it has a goal to contaminate as lots of computer systems as possible.

The report authors compose:

“With the use of its exhaustive backdoor functions, Glupteba can download a wide variety of other malware, while collecting a large amount of information from the victim’s computer. Even today, Glupteba drops cryptocurrency miners and browser stealer components, attacks MikroTik routers, and leverages its proxy components to conceal which binary is communicating with the outside world.”

Jameson Lopp, CTO at crypto security expert Casa and bitcoin designer, explained the malware as “an unstoppable dapp”:

Put your botnet’s command & & control facilities on a censorship resistant dispersed database? That’s what I call an unstoppable dapp! https://t.co/qDptVF3YNO

— Jameson Lopp (@lopp)June 24, 2020

This advanced malware is simply another example of a non-monetary usage case of the Bitcoin and its uncensorable public journal that likewise consists of virtual powerplants and open digital ID (DID) systems.

To safeguard yourself oneself, Sophos Labs recommends the list below security practices:

  • Spot early and typically. Make certain that your operating system, apps, and associated gadgets like servers or routers are constantly approximately date.
  • Utilize a good anti-virus with web filtering.
  • Keep away from hookey software application (split programs that you can download on the internet free of charge rather of spending for a certified version), as it is most likely to be contaminated with malware.


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