Unprecedented sanctions against Syria … as part of the Chemical Ban Organization


The Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons is expected to vote this week to impose unprecedented sanctions on the regime in Syria, accusing it of using chemical weapons and not disclosing its entire stockpile.

The member states of the organization that take them will vote Headquartered in The Hague, according to a French proposal stipulating the suspension of Damascus ‘rights and privileges’ within the organization, including its right to vote, in a procedure unprecedented in the history of the commission.


It is likely that the proposal will be put to a vote by the 193 member states of the organization tomorrow, Wednesday or Thursday, according to diplomatic sources told AFP. And if this proposal is approved, this will be the first time the organization imposes the maximum penalty on a country.

No response from Damascus

Mentions Syria is accused of not responding to the organization’s questions after it published a report last year stating that the Damascus regime used sarin gas and chlorine in 2017 against a town in Hama governorate that was controlled by opposition factions, in violation of the chemical weapons ban agreement.

And last week, the European Union declared in a joint statement at the United Nations that “Damascus’ refusal to provide the required information adequately cannot and should not remain unanswered.” He continued, “It is now up to the international community to take appropriate measures.”

On the other hand, the Syrian regime has repeatedly denied its involvement in chemical attacks, considering that such attacks are fabricated.

Damascus also announced previously that it had delivered its stockpile of chemical weapons under international supervision under a US-Russian agreement in 2013, when Syria joined the organization, after an attack suspected of using sarin gas in it, which killed 1,400 people in Eastern Ghouta in Rural Damascus.

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