UK weather: Hottest day of the year expected this week with temperatures forecast to hit 27 C

Derrick Santistevan

Britain is set to enjoy the hottest day of the year up until now, with temperatures expected to skyrocket to 27 C (806 F) this week.

Lots of parts of the UK will see warm sunlight and clear skies over the next couple of days as the mercury climbs up into the mid-20 s.

On Wednesday, the temperature level in London and the South East might go beyond the 26 C (788 F) tape-recorded in Treknow, Cornwall, on Great Friday.

Some areas will be warmer than some of Europe’s leading vacation locations, consisting of Marbella and Ibiza, the Met Office anticipates.

The mini heatwave will continue into Friday for some, screening the country’s resolve as people are advised to prevent congested outside areas so two-metre social distancing guidelines can be followed.

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Met Office meteorologist Matthew Box stated there will be a “north-south divide” on Monday and Tuesday, with spells of rain in northwestern parts of the UK while southern locations will reach highs of 24 C (752 F).

However it will start to clear entering into the middle of the week, as warm southerly winds from the Mediterranean start to relocation north, Mr Box stated.

By Wednesday, parts of Scotland and Northern Ireland will reach highs of 22 C (716 F) while Wales might see 23 C (734 F) by the afternoon. The North of England will hit an optimum temperature level of 26 C (788 F).

Mr Box stated: “It’s going to be extremely hot for big parts of England for many of the week, reaching highs of 27 C (806 F) on Wednesday, which would make it the hottest day of the year up until now.

” This will take place due to big locations of high pressure, integrated with southerly winds from the continent, bringing with it, enjoyable sunlight, dry skies and warmer air.”

On Thursday, there is a possibility of thunder and bands of rain throughout the south and east of England and Wales while Friday might be windy, generally for western locations, with heavy rainstorms.

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