Trump tries to reopen America as Obama gets into the 2020 race

Adrian Ovalle

Throughout America over 30,000 people have actually passed away from coronavirus – doubling in one week – numerous countless people are ill and millions are having a hard time for financial survival.

Donald Trump is snapping as his handling of the crisis comes under extreme analysis. In spite of no real end in sight – the president is intent on opening at least part of the nation in 2 weeks’ time.

On Divided States, Amanda Walker remains in Washington and signed up with on the podcast by Alistair Bunkall, in New York City, and Greg Milam, in California.

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They talk about Trump’s unusual interview today, where he stated he had ‘outright power’, and after which he was implicated of having ‘the greatest crisis ever’ from a United States president and of attempting to ‘reword history’ over his administration’s reaction to the coronavirus pandemic.

Greg inform us how the west coast of America is dealing with the lockdown, and Ali reviews a medical professional in New york city who a couple of weeks ago explained the circumstance there as ‘hell’ and ‘even worse than 9/11’

We likewise talk about the 2020 race for the White House as former President Barack Obama officially backs Joe Biden. Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren have actually likewise offered their recommendation, Warren presuming to state that she would accept being Biden’s choice for running mate.

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