Trump ‘has trouble with women leaders’, says ex-adviser John Bolton

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Donald Trump’s ex-national security consultant John Bolton has actually informed Sky News that the president “has trouble with women leaders”.

He stated Mr Trump and former British prime minister Theresa May “have very different approaches to politics”.

Mr Bolton explained his former boss as a “talker” who “likes to talk”.

It is declared that Donald Trump has actually had ‘trouble’ with female leaders, consisting of Theresa May

On the other hand, he stated: “ Theresa May is the type of political leader who says what she needs to state. And there’s not a great deal of little talk.

” There’s not a great deal of backward and forward. That’s an individual design. Does not come anywhere near Donald Trump’s individual design.

“My own opinion, and I can’t prove this, I think he has trouble with women leaders.”

Mr Bolton likewise stated Mr Trump “had trouble” with German Chancellor Angela Merkel.

He added: “These are not substantive disputes. These are character problems.

” However since of the method Trump takes a look at relations with other leaders, he has huge trouble comparing the individual relationship he has with the leader of another nation, and the basic United States relationship with the other nation as a whole.”

Donald Trump and German Chancellor Angela Merkel in 2019

When asked if the president was sexist, Mr Bolton stated: “Time and again, we seemed to run into that difficulty.”

However he mentioned that Mr Trump “had bad relationships with plenty of male leaders too”.

Mr Bolton likewise stated the Trump management had actually made the crises of coronavirus and racial division in the United States even worse.

He declared that the president “didn’t want to hear” about COVID-19 in early January when he was informed by federal government authorities it was “a potentially huge problem”.

Talking To Sky’s Cordelia Lynch, he stated: “He didn’t wish to hear problem about his pal, (Chinese President) Xi Jinping.

” He didn’t wish to hear the truth about China concealing the level of the danger of the coronavirus. He didn’t wish to become aware of China, possibly not satisfying its terms under the restricted trade offer he worked out.

“And most important of all he didn’t want to hear about potential bad economic news for the United States from a widespread pandemic which would endanger his ticket to re-election.”

Mr Trump and Chinese President Xi Jinping

Mr Bolton likewise protected his decision not to affirm throughout Mr Trump’s impeachment questions.

This was in spite of him declaring Mr Trump straight connected the arrangement of security help for Ukraine with the nation’s examination into former vice president Joe Biden and his child Hunter Biden.

This was the main accusation that saw the president impeached in your home and later on acquitted in the Senate.

Mr Bolton informed Sky News: “The House Democrats took the impeachment process right off a cliff and halfway down they looked up and said ‘hey come and join us’ and I wasn’t about to do that.”

Mr Bolton calls Mr Trump’s responses ‘childish and breaking down’

Mr Bolton has actually made a series of accusations versus the American president in a brand-new tell-all book.

His narrative struck stores today after a federal judge ruled it might be released in spite of the White House attempting to obstruct the release amidst issues it consisted of categorized info.

The book consists of claims that Mr Trump had actually been uninformed that Britain was a nuclear power, that he had actually looked for assistance from Xi Jinping to win this November’s United States governmental election, which Mr Trump had actually asked if Finland belonged to Russia.

Donald Trump stated he sacked John Bolton last September. Mr Bolton stated it was his own decision to leave the administration

On the UK nuclear remark, Mr Bolton stated: “I can inform you because conference, which was at Chequers hosted by Prime Minister May, when the president made that comment, the stiff British upper lips didn’t quiver, however their eyes got large as dishes.

” And I was sitting there believing to myself, what do we state next? I believe Prime Minister May altered the subject relatively rapidly.”

On the China accusation, Mr Bolton recommended re-election was frequently put above national security.

He stated: “Trump does not actually have a viewpoint or a grand technique and even policies that he follows.

” It’s everything about Donald Trump and it follows from that that his re-election is the important things most on his mind.

” In lots of aspects he has an extremely attention deficit disorder. When it comes to his re-election, not. His attention period there is infinite.”

Vladimir Putin and Donald Trump shake hands at the G20 top in Japan in June 2019

And he declared other world leaders like Russian President Vladimir Putin and North Korea’s Kim Jong Un “could see through him” throughout talks.

“I don’t think they were overt about it. I think they knew exactly who the mark was on the American side of the table and that over an extended period of time is very damaging potentially for the United States.”

Mr Bolton likewise suggested Mr Trump had actually made no development on the concern of North Korea quiting its nuclear weapons.

He stated: “He got nothing for it after two years of effort. The whole thing came to nothing but a series of photo opportunities, which, with all due respect, I think was entirely predictable.”

He implicated Mr Trump of being “ignorant” when it pertains to diplomacy, consisting of, he declared, when Mr Trump recommended he might take a seat with Iran’s leader and strike a nuclear handle one day.

Mr Bolton stated: “It’s just not true. So when I think of the prospect of him on the other side of the table from Vladimir Putin negotiating a strategic arms treaty, I’m very worried for the United States.”

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Mr Trump has actually stated Mr Bolton “broke the law” in releasing the book and likewise tweeted he was attempting to get back at for being fired “like the sick puppy he is!”.

However Mr Bolton rejected he was possibly offering out his own nation by offering the narrative.

The former national security consultant stated: “That Donald Trump is upset with me doesn’t surprise me at all. His reactions, frankly, have been childish and degrading to the presidency.”

Mr Trump stated he sacked Mr Bolton last September after 17 months in the White House task. Mr Bolton stated it was his own decision to leave the administration.

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