The world's first computer made of precious stones

Sandra Loyd

The first computer in world history was found in 1901, not far from the shores of Antiküthera, among the wrecks of a Roman ship that sank two thousand years ago. Ancient astronomers determined the position of objects in the Solar System with the ancient bronze instrument, known as the Anti-Hutheran Clock, and used it to indicate lunar eclipses.

: X-ray tomographs were used to make these, as the remains could not be disassembled, but could not even be taken out of the museum. X-rays were used to partially interpret the inscriptions of the mechanism in 2016, but the amazing structure still holds a number of secrets. . Scientists have concluded that the planets were not represented by pointers in the original structure, but by concentrically rotating rings that could have been colored semiprecious stones to show the position of the planets.

The new theory also explains the function of the 63 gears that have so far caused a big headache for the researchers. University College London staff are now preparing to demonstrate their theory by building a physical model, which can be read in more detail here.

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