‘The thing I’ve always feared’: Dame Barbara Windsor’s husband says she may have to go into care

Derrick Santistevan

Dame Barbara Windsor’s husband says she may soon have to relocation into a care home since her Alzheimer’s has actually intensified.

Scott Mitchell, 57, stated a professional had actually informed him that it may no longer be possible for the former Carry On and Eastenders star to remain at home.

Dame Barbara was detected with Alzheimer’s in 2014 and Mitchell has actually been marketing to raise awareness of the illness.

September 2019: Scott Mitchell and Dame Barbara provide a letter to the prime minister required much better dementia care

In September in 2015 they provided a letter to Downing Street signed by 100,000 people, requesting for much better arrangement for people with Alzheimer’s.

The letter stated dementia care throughout the nation was “difficult, and in some places even impossible, to access”.

It added: “Our experience is of a care system that too often doesn’t care – one that is completely inadequate, unfair, unsustainable and in dire need of more money.”

Now Mitchell has actually supposedly informed a TELEVISION documentary made by the starlet’ former co-star and on-screen kid Ross Kemp that his partner moving to a care home is “the thing I’ve always feared”.

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He stated: “He’s (the expert) essentially informing me I need to prepare myself that at some time it may not be sustainable to offer her the type of care she requires at the house.

“I’ve had some relatively dark minutes considering that he stated that since there belongs of me that understands that more than likely is the truth which’s what requirements to occur.”

Mitchell, who according to the Sun paper will appear on Ross Kemp: Coping With Dementia, added: “There’s another part of me which can’t picture letting her go.

“I can’t imagine leaving that lady when she talks to me the way she does and putting her somewhere and her thinking, ‘Why has he done this to me?'”

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