The new PowerEdge servers built for data intensity are smart and green

Sandra Loyd

New PowerEdge servers, optimizing AMD and Intel’s latest processor technology, deliver greater processing power than ever before to run the most business-critical workloads and applications, Dell Technologies announced. Based on third-generation AMD EPYC processors, the PowerEdge R6515, for example, speeds up the processing of Hadoop databases by 60 percent, shortening the turnaround time for big data analyzes. Designed for the massively parallel processing of linear systems of equations, the soon-to-be-launched PowerEdge R750 with 43rd generation Intel Xeon Scalable processors provides 43 percent more performance according to the manufacturer’s tests.

– We create and use more data in more places, as ever, and companies need to get information from the data as quickly as possible so they can make decisions and take action as soon as possible, ”said Jeff Boudreau, president and CEO of Dell Technologies Infrastructure Solutions. – In the IT technology of the future, therefore, advanced automation will be essential, regardless of the location of the infrastructure. With our new PowerEdge servers, we take performance and self-management to the next level.

With autonomous systems, organizations can build self-deployment, assignment, and management infrastructure in the future. PowerEdge servers already automate dozens of management tasks with their system management solutions and help IT teams save up to 85 percent time.

GPU density and durability

Among other things, two accelerator-optimized servers are included in Dell Technologies’ new server portfolio. For example, the PowerEdge XE8545 builds on the latest version of the HPC Ready Solution for AI and Data Analytics architecture, making it easier to run AI and advanced analytics workloads on a single system. The new server combines 128 cores of AMD EPYC processors with NVIDIA’s four A100 GPUs and vGPU performance optimization software in a two-socket, 4U rack package. And the PowerEdge R750xa comes with NVIDIA’s recently announced AI Enterprise software suite for VMware vSphere 7 Update 2 and comes with specifically high GPU density for applications based on machine learning and artificial intelligence. The dual-socket, 2U-sized organ will feature third-generation Intel Xeon Scalable processors, as well as space for up to four double-width and six standard-width GPUs.
The new server series also includes rugged PowerEdge XR11 and XR12 servers developed by Dell Technologies. designed for perimeter networks. Reinforced encapsulated, small edge servers tolerate the often ruthless environmental effects of remote locations well, while also featuring multiple accelerators and, like the rest of the portfolio, built-in security capabilities.

Each new PowerEdge has a specially designed enclosure. duct fans and adaptive cooling, the manufacturer says it achieves 60 percent more energy efficiency than previous generations.

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