The New Day wins SmackDown Tag Team Titles in historic victory

Adrian Ovalle

Big E ended up being the first wrestler in WWE history to win a set of tag team champions in a songs match Friday night.

In a first for WWE, a set of tag team champions altered hands in a songs bout on Friday’s edition of SmackDown Live, when Big E beat The Miz and Jey Uso to win the SmackDown Tag Team Champions for The New Day.

Big E came out shooting with a flurry of offense, however was rapidly reduced the effects of when Jey and Miz (the safeguarding champ) suplexed Big E through the reveal table. This didn’t keep Big E down for long, and the 3 competitors traded offense and pinning efforts for a couple minutes. Miz gotten in touch with the Skull-Crushing Ending on Jey, and when Jey tossed out, Miz right away locked in the Figure-Four Leglock. Jey held out long enough for Big E to raise Miz out of the submission and into the Big Ending, pinning Miz to win the titles in a brief match.

This match included the very same teams as the Wrestlemania 36 Ladder Match for these champions, however the opposite rival for each team, as John Morrison kept the tag champions versus Kofi Kingston and Jimmy Uso (that match happened due to an injury to the Miz). Throughout the following Smackdown, Miz and Morrison’s celebratory Dirt Sheet episode was disrupted by first the Usos, and after that the New Day, who proposed a rematch with Big E, Miz, and Jey. This is a record 6th Smackdown Tag Team Championship reign for the New Day, and their 8th championship reign in general.

A tag team championship had not altered hands in a songs match in WWE history, including its earliest tag team champions. The closest they had actually come was Authors of Discomfort beating Seth Rollins in a handicap match to win the titles in 2018, as Rollins’ tag partner, Dean Ambrose, had actually switched on Rollins, leaving him to safeguard the titles alone.

Nevertheless, tag team champions altering hands in songs matches isn’t totally without precedent in the history of pro wrestling.

In TNA, every title in the business, consisting of the tag team championship won by both competitors, was put on the line in the main event of Hard Justice 2007, where Kurt Angle beat Samoa Joe.

The ECW Tag Team Champions altered hands in songs matches 3times The first was a title vs. title match in 1995, where ECW TELEVISION Champ 2 Cold Scorpio beat one half of the tag team champions, Public Enemy’s Rocco Rock, to win the champions for himself and The Sandman. Later on that year, 2 Cold Scorpio lost both champions in a songs bout to Mikey Whipwreck, with Cactus Jack becoming his partner. D-Von Dudley beat RVD in a songs match in 1999 to win the tag champions for the Dudley Boyz.

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