The most serious problem of video conferencing has been solved

Sandra Loyd

Although we are slowly starting to learn videoconferencing, there are still a lot of bumps in these cyberspace meetings. The etiquette of the thing is undeveloped, and perhaps the most trouble is the completion. How do we end discussions? How to let everyone know that was it, it’s over, let’s change channels! Shall we wave? Or just turn it off? One solution is more lame than the other.

A Microsoft engineer, Scott Hanselman, has also run into this problem many times. As he wrote on Twitter, Teams ’discussions always ended horribly, as no one knew when to quit.

Hanselman therefore devised an elegant solution: he created his own“ end ”headline. If the discussion is a movie, is there a better way to indicate that was it, guys? What’s more, the engineer’s solution isn’t without humor either, as Hanselman closes the Team conference with this sign: “Discussion that could have been arranged with an email.”

Of course, each boss can upgrade the Microsoft engineer’s solution to their own taste. It may be enough to end the fun with a simple “End” caption, but if we want, we can encrypt the thing: we can paint it with music or say goodbye text, the possibilities are limited only by our imagination (and of course our available time).

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