The head of the Mossad visits America, carrying an intelligence file on Iran's activities


Israeli warnings about the American return to the Iranian nuclear agreement continue, and in this context Yossi Cohen, head of the Israeli intelligence service Mossad, heading an official delegation to the United States, will head in the coming days to present evidence to American officials about Iran’s concealment of information related to its nuclear program

Al-Arabiya learned that Cohen will carry an intelligence file related to Iran’s military activity in the region, as well as developments related to its military nuclear project.


The agenda of the head of the Mossad in America includes stopping Iran from enriching uranium completely, stopping the production of advanced and modern centrifuges, and opening all facilities without exception to the Energy Agency

It is also expected to discuss stopping the Iranian positioning and activity in Syria, Iraq and Yemen, stopping Iran’s targeting Israeli interests around the world, as well as stopping the ballistic missile project and maintaining sanctions on it.

It is noteworthy that during the past three years, Iran’s financing and weapons plans for its militias have been subjected to several strikes.

The Washington Institute for Studies reported the implementation of the forces The Israeli government has about 1,000 air strikes on Iranian sites in Syria, obstructing the Revolutionary Guard’s efforts to send money and weapons to Hezbollah militia via flights from Tehran to Damascus, according to the “Washington Institute”.

The inclusion of a governor The Central Bank of Iran was on the list of sanctions in 2018, obstructing Iranian financing to Hezbollah through banks and companies operating in Iraq.

In the same context, the name of the CEO of the Bilad Islamic Bank in Iraq was included, in addition to a prominent Hezbollah official named “Muhammad Qasir” is on the sanctions list.

According to US Treasury officials, Qassir served as a primary channel for the funnel of funds from the Quds Force of the Revolutionary Guard to Hezbollah.

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