The future of Europe – rook or pawn?

Sallie Anderson

Coronavirus has actually ruined the global geopolitical chessboard.

There are no doubts about who is the King on the chessboard. On either side of the board. The game is now about whether, and for how long, will ‘White’ have the ability to preserve its characteristics and supremacy.

The bottom line is what pieces the sides still have at their disposal. Coronavirus has actually triggered an unmatched thinning- out of the chessboard. At the same time, it has actually deteriorated the positions of both Kings. My impression is that up until now, this has actually used somewhat more to White.

Who is (previously) playing with Black?

There is no doubt that China will desire global supremacy although it holds main duty for the corona crisis.

It keeps pursuing global impact and an increase to its own reputation. It appears that it has actually recuperated from the pandemic and is heading towards financialrecovery


The power of its propaganda is not lessening, rather the contrary, it is acquiring momentum. There appears to be prevalent understanding that these past couple of weeks, the entire world depended upon a supply of deal with masks from China.

The nation has actually skilfully stepped in with support, not just to Europe however likewise to the United States. Its propaganda is getting authenticity and effect in the eyes of the masses.

Who is (still) having fun with White?

There has actually existed a years- long belief that the United States, with its democratic architecture, its system of balances and checks, and strong democratic organizations, is a warranty of undeviating stability and connection in the turning points of diplomacy.

Obligation to the trans- Atlantic alliance was thought about in Europe as everlasting, unshakeable.

Nevertheless, with the introduction of president Donald Trump to power, the trans- Atlantic fortress has actually been triggered balance. President Trump’s rhetoric, however specifically particular bold actions by the present United States administration, were consulted with European responses varying from surprise (e.g. to the unilateral withdrawal of the United States from the nuclear contract with Iran), through indignation (to the imposition of tariffs on Europe’s steel and aluminium, and risks to enforce car responsibilities), to major issues (e.g. a constant weakening of multilateral cooperation).

The pandemic has actually struck the United States with excellentforce


President Trump emits the impression of an analyst instead of a leader. The suspension of contributions to the World Health Organization and conflicts with the guvs of some states advises more of mayhem than of a purposeful, driven course of action. This kind of reaction compromises the United States and the whole Western world.

Will United States policy modification after November?

I do not believe that the governmental election in the United States will produce a significant modification in the nation’s diplomacy, or in its position towards Europe for that matter.

Not even in the event of a (not likely at best) success of Joe Biden.

What can alter, nevertheless, is the basic tone of the brand-new or re-elected president, who would may not be as lured as in the past to continuously mobilise versus Europe as a “foe” due to the fact that he can not be elected for a 3rd term.

The rhetoric of the brand-new United States administration towards Europe might end up being more appeasing. Its expectations of the EU taking on a more considerable role in sharing the global security concern, and specifically the expectation of Europe being able to protect the stability of its area on its own, will not alter.

The corona crisis and its effect have additional magnified such expectations. And, to a level, makes them genuine.

Where is Europe’s put on today’s chessboard?

There is no doubt about which side of the board the EU will proceed. For numerous political leaders, China stays a trade magnet and the embodiment of the ability of action.

However numerous likewise see that China does not play an open game with the rest of the world. This uses to the look for a reaction to the causes of the pandemic.

The inverse is likewise true, as China capitalizes of the coronavirus crisis to prison leading democratic activists in Hong Kong.

We need to not let the corona crisis paralyse us, nor need to we enable it to drive us into focusing just on how to put out the fire sparked by the infection. This would be a fatal error.

We would, utilizing chess terms, lose a pace which we may not have the ability to bring back.

The concern is, which piece should the EU end up being on the global political chessboard? Europe is manifestly not rather prepared to end up being the Queen of the Western world.

Not a lot in terms of its capability, as in terms of political and psychological bandwidth.

We could, and likewise should, end up being the White European ‘Rook’ on the chessboard. In order to end up being, and to be able to move such an impactful figure on the global geopolitical chessboard efficiently, we need to spring to action. We need to start performing a more adventurous diplomacy.

Likewise, worrying China, the nation should be held responsible.

Not just on account of the coronavirus break out, not just on account of the environment, however likewise on account of human rights infractions.

It is important that the EU and its member states see a joint taking on of the Chinese obstacle, together with the United States and other like- minded democracies, as one of the most crucial jobs of an enhanced transatlantic relationship.

In order to take part in such a course of action, the EU should end up being more robust and amass higher regard. The roadway to attaining this is through reform of the EU, consisting of reform of the Eurozone.

The corona crisis has actually not deteriorated the need for such reform, rather it has actually enhanced it evenmore


Unfortunately, the leaders of EU organizations held off the Conference on the Future of the EU to fall.

A conversation on this basic problem is required at this time, right as we will assign and invest considerable amounts of money on pandemic- associated rescue and recovery programs.

It is required now, as we are modifying the European budget for 2021-2027; now, as we are releasing brand-new financial systems and stimuli; now, as we will handle significant financial obligation.

Besides, at this time of shared uniformity, however likewise of stress and anxiety and issue about the future, we need to think about the European security and pertinent geopolitical undertones.

If we stop working to do this, we might quickly move from the position of a possible ‘Rook’ to that of a ‘Pawn’.

And the global geopolitical chessboard might– partially likewise due to the fact that of the weak point of the EU– see a damaging exchange in between White and Black pieces.

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