The choice is always yours

Sallie Anderson

On the eve of the 75 th anniversary of the Great Triumph in the Second World War one can frequently hear people in the EU and Brussels discussing the need for historictruth

I might not concur more – need to such cardboard guard not conceal not worthy efforts to minimize the role of the Soviet Union and its countries that compromised 27 m lives for Triumph, to relate Nazism to Communism, and, in addition, to implicate the USSR of duty for this dreadful disaster of the 20 th century

Therefore, I make certain Europeans are worthy of the authentic truth and ought to have the choice to have their own crucial view of the contemporary world order.

In January 2020, president Vladimir Putin revealed the opening a Centre of Archive Files on the history of the Second World War, soon to be opened to make it possible for all those thinking about comprehending historic procedures to see files with their owneyes

In the meantime, an avalanche of lies about my nation and its history sweeping over European public viewpoint on the eve of the spiritual date of 9 May makes me eliminate my pen-lid today.

Our Anglo-Saxon partners were instantly disappointed with the world order developed following the Second World War.

The accepted story is that the speech provided on 5 March 1946 by the then former British prime minister Winston Churchill in Fulton declared the start of the Cold War.

However it is a mistaken belief. It was preceded by Operation Unthinkable, elaborated by the UK back in 1945 – a strategy of war to be waged by the United States and Great Britain versus the USSR, and it was preceded by the American Totality Strategy, developed by the United States after the atomic battles of Hiroshima and Nagasaki in August 1945, to perform nuclear attacks versus 17 significant Soviet cities.

Churchill’s declaration design templates are still utilized nowadays.

In his speech he called the USSR as the main source of international troubles. Today the West uses it to Russia.

Take, for example, disinformation projects released in connection with marriage of Crimea with Russia or the supposed Russian disturbance in democratic procedures in the United States, or in Europe.

However this bitter tablet gotten ready for my nation would have been inedible had it not been sweetened by an invite”to take its rightful place among the leading nations of the world” The significant experience of the 1990 s shows that it would have been a comfy and thoroughly ready one in return for overall surrender of national interests.

In the 1990 s, the cumulative West missed its historical chance to develop a transparent system of indivisible and equivalent security in Europe and weakened a crucial possession – trust that simply began to come back after the Cold War.

Concepts continued to be actively replaced.

A “rules-based world order” was created to change international law. The warning provided by Vladimir Putin in Munich in 2007 that a unilateral world order can not exist was just overlooked.

Rather, humanity was served a principle of “multilaterality” – a surrogate for multipolarity promoted by crucial world powers, consisting of BRICS members.

Rejecting the presence of a multipolar world with equivalent stars constructing their relations on the basis of trust and regard for sovereignty is currently costing the European Union very much.

Playing with sanctions has actually currently boomeranged on the EU when Washington penalized European organisations for taking part in the Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline.

Russia is thinking about having the EU as an independent gamer on the international arena, efficient in promoting equally useful cooperation. An EU that would not be senselessly looking for a “fifth column” and fictional foreign opponents.

Generally, an EU that would live according to its own program.

Russia, for its part, found out the essential lessons from a current unpleasant duration of its history and therefore is once again able to function as a leading worldpower

Russia is not acting versus anybody on the international phase. My nation safeguards its own sovereignty and interests, constructing credible relations of shared regard with its partners.

It is our choice that makes a substantial contribution to restoring cumulative security in Europe and beyond.

We anticipate the EU, as a crucial and accountable star in international relations, to make its own sovereignchoice It is our responsibility to offer next generations of Europeans with a world without danger of brand-new military disputes.

I discover it essential to restate this point today, on the eve of a wonderful anniversary.

We need to rely on each other and work together. The choice always stays with every accountable individual of international relations. And Russia always keeps the doors available to dialogue on an equivalent footing.

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