The battles of Nawal Al-Saadawi that angered the extremists .. Why did they mourn her death?


The gloating of those affiliated with the extremist and militant currents of the death of the great Egyptian writer Dr. Nawal Al-Saadawi, which they expressed clearly on the communication sites, after announcing her departure and their refusal to have mercy on her, stemming from an intellectual or religious difference or disagreement, this is inconsistent with the simplest teachings The Islam that they claim to be carrying the banner of defending it, but it stemmed from attitudes, ideas and arguments that the late writer defeated them and refuted their lies and rejected behaviors, and revealed their falsehood and their intellectual, religious and even human emptiness.

The late writer was among the first enlighteners. In Egypt, those who called for the renewal of the religious discourse, and she believed, that all religions need to be renewed, not just Islam. She also saw that this task was supposed to be carried out not only by presidents and religious scholars, but by peoples and elites, which opened fire of anger against them from those who They see that religious renewal is a demolition of the fundamentals of religion, and an attempt to change fixed and established beliefs, and the late one was responding to this with arguments and strong ideas.

Most of the m They attacked Saadawi, they did not read a single book to her, and they combined the characteristics of ignorance, an inferior view of women and a lack of a correct understanding of religion and its teachings.

Writer Fatima Naout

confronted Nawal Al-Saadawi The phenomenon of circumcision in Egypt, and she insisted that this crime that violates a woman’s body has no support from the Qur’an and Sunnah, and it is only practiced to impose guardianship over women, their bodies and minds.

She wrote about her experience working as a doctor in the villages of Egypt. And she said: “This crime often took the lives of girls and caused them psychological disabilities.” She continued her campaigns until the Egyptian authorities responded and issued a law criminalizing female genital mutilation and amending it yesterday to further and further complicate the penalties, and it reached 20 years imprisonment, and it happened that he was in The same day Al-Saadawi’s death, let the deceased rest in peace after winning her cause, which disturbed the extremists and hardliners more and more than her.

Islamists and extremists also attacked the deceased because of her battles against the veil, which she considered a form of slavery and against morals, as well as They tried to distort her in her life and after her death, because of her battles to extract and consolidate women’s rights and equality with men. These groups set out legal battles against them and lawsuits were filed against them, such as the Hisbah case, to separate them from their husband, and were subjected to death threats from extremist groups, and their name was included in one of the liquidations and assassinations lists, as a result of which they were forced to travel outside Egypt for a period of time.

She was also subjected to attempts to revoke the Egyptian nationality from her, as the Administrative Judiciary Court of the State Council refused on May 12, 2008, to revoke her nationality due to her ideas in a lawsuit filed against her by a lawyer.

The Egyptian writer Fatima Naout says that more What annoyed the extremists and extremists of Nawal Al-Saadawi and made them compete in distorting her alive and dead, is her defense of morality and honor in a way that exposed the lies of these people and stripped them of the berries that they were concealing, as well as demolished the masculinity of their centrality, and tried to set the scales as God wanted it, which is that man was a man Or a responsible woman with a mind, not a follower or an imperfect, and that God did not create something deficient, which is what the extremists tried to attach to the woman to guard her and her body and mind.

She adds to “” that the late woman was defending About the woman’s honor, mind and body, and she succeeds in confronting those who try Monopolizing the woman’s body and mind, under the banner of religion, and she was confronting this with ideas that entrenched the idea that women are human beings, and redefined and redefined the concept of honor that was reduced and reduced by the masculine men from the extremists in the genitals of women, and they forgot that the concept of honor extends to many and is not limited to this cheap concept. She said that the honor of a man, whether a man or a woman, is honesty, so she fought the religious and societal hypocrisy, so the militants attacked her for this because she demolished this fortress that they were holed up in to undermine the woman.

She mentioned that the late woman carried the torch of enlightenment and confronted dark ideas. Alone as a woman in her time and age, she defended a woman’s right to wear the veil or not, and she used to say that it is not a condition that wearing the veil is an indication that a woman’s behavior and chastity is, but rather she emphasized that the veil denotes the perception of a woman as a body only, just like that of a woman who is undressed as well. And you see that it is just a body. She pointed out that most of those who attacked Saadawi did not read her one book and shared several characteristics, namely ignorance, lack of culture, an inferior and sexual view of women, and a lack of a correct understanding of religion and its teachings.

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