Tesla soon to be bigger than Apple? Elon Musk thinks it is possible – “in a few months”

Adrian Ovalle
Elon Musk, CEO of Tesla. (Photo: dpa)

Elon Musk has done it again. The Tesla boss said on Twitter that his company could become the largest in the world. Musk later deleted a chronological classification.

Twitter is Tesla boss Elon Musk’s favorite medium. There he regularly feeds his almost 50 million followers with reports from his companies or his views on certain topics – often to the displeasure of US authorities such as the SEC. Most recently, Musk criticized the German TV broadcaster ZDF for a Frontal 21 report about possible problems due to the high water consumption of the Gigafactory in Brandenburg. Meanwhile, Musk has to remove an anti-union tweet. Now a Musk tweet causes the excitement again.

Musk: Chances of Tesla becoming the largest company

Because Musk let it be known on Friday morning via Twitter that he saw the likelihood that Tesla could become the largest company in the world , if greater than zero. So far, so unspectacular. The real excitement followed as a comment on the tweet. According to Musk, this will “probably happen in a few months.” That Musk himself or one of his employees was ultimately too hot by this statement is shown by the fact that the tweet was deleted shortly afterwards, as CNBC writes.

is completely out of the world the comment does not, of course, after all, the Internet literally forgets nothing. During the Friday morning, Twitter users shared screenshots of it. To put it into perspective: The fact that Musk sees an opportunity for Tesla to become the largest company in the world and thus larger than Apple is certainly not objectionable. The objection that this could be done in a few months – and “probably” – could imply an imminent big hit.

Tesla at $ 600 billion market capitalization

With a market capitalization of around 600 billion US dollars, Tesla is currently still a long way from Apple’s most valuable company. The iPhone company is currently worth over two trillion dollars. Tesla shares fell 3.4 percent on Friday and closed at $ 618.71. At the beginning of the year, the paper was worth up to $ 900. In the past few months, Tesla had posted a real fireworks display on the Nasdaq, but recently weakened somewhat.

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