System Shock 2: Enhanced Edition gets VR mode

Adrian Ovalle
VR mode on the way to System Shock 2: Enhanced Edition.

Developer Nightdive Studios is working according to IGN on a mode that makes System Shock 2: Enhanced Edition fully playable in VR.

In January the developer already tweeted a photo of Stephen Kick, studio head of Nightdive Studios, with a VR controller in his hand. Shortly afterwards, the studio apparently recruited a specialist to identify whether a possible VR version of the game would be possible.

One thing led to another and for the studio knew it, there was a full VR version of the classic horror game on the table. Studio head Kick even indicates that players can play VR mode together, even though only one of the two players uses VR glasses.

Nightdive Studios is also working on a complete remake of the first System Shock after a successful Kickstarter campaign. The game was due to be released for PC in 2020, but was delayed.

Finally, Otherside Entertainment is working with Tencent on System Shock 3 PC and consoles. A release date for that game has not yet been announced.

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