Stipe Miocic still ‘down’ for Daniel Cormier bout once COVID-19 crisis ends

Derrick Santistevan

Stipe Miocic states he’s still “down” for a Daniel Cormier trilogy battle however just once COVID-19 crisis over, for now, he’s concentrating on being a firemen.

UFC heavyweight champ Stipe Miocic has actually constantly been a class of his own. A knockout Mixed Martial Arts fighter who still, to this day, preserves his firefighting profession need to be praised. Miocic, as modest as he is, simply desires to assist others. That why Modelo and Miocic collaborating to assist raise money for first responders throughout the around the world COVID-19 pandemic was a no-brainer.

“Being a firefighter-paramedic we usually having duties out in the city during the week, we have inspections and we do stuff around the city,” Miocic informed FanSided on Thursday. ‘But, unfortunately, we’ ve quarantined so there’s truly absolutely nothing we can do, so it’s not slower, we do a lot more things around the station even if we truly can’t head out unless its a call since of whatever going on and shut down. It’s simply a little bit uncomfortable.”

However Miocic, who has actually put battling on the backburner to enter the cutting edge of an infection that’s currently eliminated 63,000 people in the United States and over 230,000 worldwide, would not have it any other method

“When I walk into the station I have to take my temperature, make sure I’m not elevated. If we go on a call, if it’s COVID related or not, we are wearing goggles, mask, gloves. So it’s a little more serious and a little more cautious but we have to be because we don’t want to spread it.”

That raises the UFC 249 battle card, which is arranged for May 9, the 3rd effort at hosting thecard When asked what he considered the UFC holding occasions he just stated.

“As long as everyone’s safe,” he stated. “Hopefully it works out.”

Though he isn’t a lot concentrated on battling currently himself that does not suggest his possible challengers remain in the very same boat. Former champ, Daniel Cormier, desires a trilogy battle to occur and just recently stated he’s going to return to his wrestling roots to combat Miocic a 3rd time.

“Fighting is always going to be in the back of my mind,” he stated. “But right now the task at hand is the pandemic. But I’m definitely fighting, that fight isn’t going anywhere. We’re going to fight again, we just have to make sure we take care of this situation first. Once it clears up we are back at it.”

As for that first battle back being with Cormier …

“If he wants to do it a third time, I’m down,” Miocic stated. “I don’t care, right now I just want to worry about what’s going on in the world. Fighting is gonna be there. Once everything opens up and I can train and I can get a full camp.”

Stipe, in addition to 2-division champ, Amanda Nunes and fan-favorite, Brian Ortega in addition to other professional athletes will be participating in the charity event, sponsored by Modelo. ibPCEpiFR/

Here’s how to can participate the enjoyable:

Qualified to people 21- and-overTuesday, May 5 (Cinco de Mayo) post your assistance for first responders on socialmedia Post an image of your cheers utilizing the hashtag #CincUpModelo will contribute $1 to the First Responders First effort, approximately $500 K for every publicpost Raise a beer to first responders and assist offer resources they need to continue the battle. Next: 10 of the most gruesome injuries in combined martial arts

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