Spanish Crypto Users Report Banking ‘Freezes’ After Using Exchanges

Tyler Hromadka

Source: Adobe/promesaartstudio.

Banks in Spain are apparently closing accounts they think come from cryptocurrency traders, especially users of the LocalBitcoins peer-to-peer exchange– and might have been doing so “since November last year.”

Per a report from media outlet Criptonoticias, a knowledgeable crypto trader who asked to stay confidential states that “between 30 and 40 LocalBitcoin users” might have currently had their bank accounts frozen or closed without previous notification or description. The trader called BBVA, Pibank and Bankia as 3 of the banks that have actually been active in account freezes.

The source shared a copy of a letter from Pibank that made no particular recommendation to cryptocurrencies. The latter mentioned that the user had actually breached bank policies and that the account in concern would be suspended.

The letter did not define precisely which of its guidelines had actually been breached.

The trader mentioned that account holders whose banks had actually frozen them out were turning to asking loved ones to open bank represent them, however that this did not put an end to the “harassment.”

The very same trader likewise declared to have a cryptocurrency-related business signed up with the financial regulator (based on Spanish law). Regardless of this reality, he added, Bankia shut down a business account, along with his individual account, following a Kraken exchange-related deal “without providing any explanation.”

Another source informed the very same media outlet that “temporary blocks” from banks were more typical for than irreversible lock-outs, however yielded that crypto deals unexpectedly seem alarming numerous significant banks in the nation.

As formerly reported, Spain is now heading for more stringent cryptocurrency guidelines. Parliament is set to vote in its next session on brand-new guidelines for crypto exchanges and the production of a “uniform” windows registry that might get rid of confidential crypto trading in the nation.

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