Spain fears tourism blow amid ‘second wave’ measures

Sallie Anderson

A Number Of European countries are now warning people not to check out Spain, after the nation experienced a spike in Covid-19 cases over the past couple of weeks.

France and Belgium are suggesting people to cancel summertime strategies in the area of Catalonia, among the brand-new hotspots for coronavirus cases in the nation.

The UK and Norway, on the other hand, have actually reimposed quarantine measures for all tourists showing up fromSpain Late on Monday, the British foreign office likewise extended its suggestion versus non-essential travel to Spain.

The head of the local federal government in Catalonia, Quim Torra, stated on Monday (27 July) that Catalonia “is a safe destination” for travelers, while requiring a “great collective effort” to prevent more limitations.

” We are dealing with the 10 crucial days of this summertime, to learn whether, with the uniformity of all, we can decrease this important circumstance. Since if we do not attain this, we will need to go back [to stricter measures],” stated Torra.

According to the head of the World Health Organization emergency situation program, Michael Ryan, “the circumstance [in Spain] has absolutely nothing to do with the previous one”.

“Spain has actually developed an extremely precise security system, the federal government is transparent and open. [But] it is challenging to discuss the future, however we hope that the measures will lead to the control of break outs,” Ryan stated on Monday.

In reality, Luxembourg, Romania, Bulgaria, Sweden and Portugal currently have the highest rates of brand-new Covid-19 infections in the EU – followed by Spain, Croatia and Belgium.

The event rate now for Spain is at 35.1 favorable cases per 100,000 residents over the previous 2 weeks, according to the latest data released by the European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control.

The northern areas of Aragón, Navarre, Catalonia, Basque Nation, Extremadura and La Rioja are the most-affected – however break outs with a lower occurrence have actually likewise been tape-recorded in the southern areas, such as Murcia, Andalusia, Valencia and the Canary Islands.

Since Monday, Spain signed up 855 brand-new coornavirus infections – bringing the overall to 278.782 validated coronavirus cases and 28,432 deaths. National authorities are keeping an eye on around 280 active break outs throughout the nation.

However Spanish foreign minister Arancha González Laya stated on Sunday that Spain was still “a safe country,” worrying that Madrid is making “great efforts to control these outbreaks”.

‘ Second wave’ fear throughout Europe

Nevertheless, Spain is not the only member state having a hard time to open its economy while managing brand-new break outs amid what appears the start of the second coronavirus wave throughout the bloc.

After a “worrying” rise in coronavirus infections, Belgium presented on Monday more coronavirus limitations – specifically the decrease of social bubbles and variety of people allowed at public occasions.

This follows the decision of the Belgian federal government to make face masks compulsory in congested indoor locations, and present more stringent tracing measures at dining establishments and bars from Saturday.

Also, France and Germany have actually likewise reported a spike in the variety of brand-new coronavirus infections just recently.

The French federal government on Monday gotten in touch with organisations throughout the nation to “build a preventive stock of protective masks for ten weeks to be able to deal with a potential resurgence of the pandemic” – particularly after the nation reported, for the first time, over 1,000 cases last Friday.

On the other hand, Germany’s health minister Jens Spahn revealed on Monday prepares to make tests compulsory for people returning from high-risk locations.

“We must prevent returning travelers from infecting others unnoticed and thus triggering new chains of infection,” Spahn stated in a tweet.

Germany’s Robert Koch Institute for contagious illness reported 340 brand-new coronavirus cases on Monday – reaching an overall of 205,609 cases.

In Addition, the Greek federal government revealed that tourists showing up by airplane from Romania and Bulgaria from Tuesday (28 July) will be requested an unfavorable coronavirus test result – carried out approximately 72 hours prior to going into Greece.

Both countries have actually likewise seen a rise in the variety of cases throughout the recentlies.

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