Spain detained a Muslim Brother convicted of violent crimes in Egypt


The Spanish authorities have detained a young Brother convicted of violent crimes in Egypt in preparation for his extradition to Cairo.

In addition, a number of Brotherhood youth fleeing Turkey announced that the Spanish authorities had detained their colleague Mohamed Gharib Eid Kenawy at Madrid Airport. After entering the country to apply for political asylum according to a request submitted since January 30th.

They confirmed that the Brotherhood was convicted in 5 cases of violence in Egypt and was wanted for his arrest after his name was included in the Interpol Red Notice, “appealing to the leaders of the group in Turkey interferes with the Spanish authorities to release him and prevent his deportation. ”

The young Brotherhood was convicted of violent crimes in the governorate of Alexandria, his hometown, Egypt, where the Court of Cassation ruled in 2015 that he was imprisoned for 3 years on charges of involvement in violent acts that occurred In the Sidi Bishr area in Alexandria.

Before that, the Montazah Court in Alexandria in March of 2014 ruled Kenawy in prison for 3 years and six months, and fined him 50 thousand pounds, on conviction for joining the Brotherhood, and involvement in violence and riots in the area Sidi Bishr.

Deportation of a convict for assassinating the Public Prosecutor

It is mentioned that Turkey had previously decided For the deportation of the young Brotherhood, Muhammad Abdel Hafiz Hussein, to Egypt in February of 2019, while he is under sentence of death in the case of the assassination of the Egyptian Attorney General, Hisham Barakat.

In March of 2019, Malaysia officially announced the deportation of 5 of Members of the Egyptian Brotherhood, in addition to a young Egyptian who was a Brotherhood and who later joined Ansar al-Sharia, admitted that they were members of the Muslim Brotherhood and were involved in violence in Egypt.

In May of last year, the Ukrainian authorities arrested Moataz. Muhammad Rabi`, an Egyptian Brotherhood fugitive and convicted of his involvement in violence and terrorism in Egypt in preparation for his extradition to Cairo, where he participated in violence and terror operations in Fayoum Governorate, then fled to Ukraine, where he settled there with the help of Brotherhood leaders.

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