SIU arrests suspected ISIS terrorist

Sandra Loyd

KARACHI: The Unique Examination System (SIU) of Karachi authorities, in a joint operation with the Federal Examination Company (FIA) late Friday night, detained a suspected ISIS terrorist in the provincial metropolitan area.

According to the SIU, throughout the operation, it recuperated sophisticated weapons and other gizmos from the suspect.

Cops stated that the declared terrorist, later on recognized as a Sikandar Khan, likewise admitted to his association with the forbidden militant clothing Tehreek-e-Taliban Pakistan (TTP) prior to 2019.

The suspect, the SIU stated, was detained prior to in 2013 and charged with a number of cases consisting of terrorism. It stated that the suspect was moved to the Mardan prison, where he was launched after finishing his sentence.

Sikandar likewise admitted to participation in extortion activities in the past, stated the SIU, including that he had actually sent out an extortion hazard to Dr. Siraj in the jurisdiction of PIB police headquarters. Upon Siraj’s rejection to pay the stated quantity, the suspect supposedly assaulted his center.

The SIU stated that it is performing raids to arrest Sikandar’s accomplices, including that it is performing forensic examination of the weapons recuperated from his possession.

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