Sindh govt released ‘verified’ JIT reports: Murtaza Wahab

Sandra Loyd

KARACHI: Federal Government of Sindh Representative Murtaza Wahab on Monday stated that the provincial federal government satisfied its pledge of release ‘verified’ Joint Examination Team (JIT) reports over judicial orders.

Wahab declared that the Federal Minister Ali Zaidi just recently performed an interview where he just spoke about the speculations being made on social media platforms.

He stated that all federal government files would have consisted of stamps and signatures, for that reason, no one might declare about having a JIT report with only 4 signatures.

He likewise stated that there were 7 members in a JIT who would sign on a final report. It was the authority of the federal government to make up a JIT and its report would be signed by its head first, he added.

“The head of a JIT would submit the report to the Ministry of Interior,” he even more stated.

Wahab stated that a seven-member JIT had actually been made up in Uzair Baloch case and the provincial federal government released ‘verified’ JIT reports signed by 7 members.

He stated that Zaidi confessed that he did not have an official file and it need to be asked from where he was getting the files.

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