Sega Sammy's turnover fell more than 50 percent

Adrian Ovalle
Sega Sammy generated more than fifty percent less turnover in the nine months to December 2020 than the same period in the previous year. (Via Games Industry).

Sales decreased by 51.8 percent from from the same nine months of the financial year before, from 22 million euros to 10.6 million euros.

In the field of games, however, Sega did it good. It sold 34.2 million copies, compared to 19.3 million. That yielded about 806 million euros. The company indicates that most of the titles were already on the market and that the increased sales are the result of corona measures.

Sega Sammy is a merger of Sega and Sammy, with Sega releasing video games and Sammy dealing with pachinko machines and other forms of entertainment. As of April, the companies will operate as two subsidiaries, rather than as two divisions of Sega Sammy.

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