Samsung is also using quantum computers to make phone calls longer

Sandra Loyd

Even the slightest advancement in mobile battery development can give a manufacturer a major competitive advantage, and Samsung is now mobilizing quantum computers to cut ahead of its rivals. Joint research by the South Korean giant and Imperial College London uses the Honeywell System Model H1 to soften the battery development potential of quantum technology. The platform will compute complex algorithms that traditional computers would have difficulty coping with.

The first experiment with System Model H1 simulated the dynamics of an interactive spin model. Of course, much work remains to be done to integrate the quantum computational results of Samsung and its partners into battery development. In fact, it’s an early experiment, similar to what BMW and other industry giants are doing with quantum computers in their field, and it could even happen that the whole thing has more smoke than flame.

Honeywell’s quantum computer

However , if Samsung’s experiment is successful, it promises a double benefit: on the one hand, the applicability of quantum computers will be proven in another area, and on the other hand, and more importantly from a user point of view, it can contribute to the development of much longer-lasting batteries

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