Sagittarius has four assists in the United League, Lomaža has 18 points in Germany

Derrick Santistevan
Jānis Strēlnieks
Janis Strelnieks Photo: VTB United League

VTB United League

The Moscow CSKA team, represented by Latvian basketball player Jānis Strēlnieks, won the United League game on Wednesday. The Muscovites beat Krasnoyarsk’s “Enisey” with the result 91:80 (22:22, 22:11, 22:22, 25:25). The archer spent 16 minutes and 35 seconds in this duel on the field, during which he did not take two two-point shots and long shots.

He also won two rebounds, scored four times, made one mistake, broke the rules five times and scored one efficiency point. In CSKA’s ranks, Joel Bolomboy was the most productive with 21 points, but Deran Hilards scored 20 points. The homeowners had 20 points in Leyton Hemonds’ account. CSKA is in third place in the table with 11 wins in 15 games, while Enisey is in 11th place with four successes in 15 battles.

As in the previous season, 13 teams will start in this regular tournament – nine from Russia, as well as one unit each from Estonia, Belarus, Kazakhstan and Poland. For the second season in a row, the VEF Rīga team is not participating in the tournament. The 2019/2020 league season ended prematurely due to a coronavirus pandemic without finding out the champion. At the time of the termination of the championship, the first place was taken by the Moscow region “Khimki”, but the second place was taken by the Moscow CSKA.


Latvian basketball player Rihards Lomažs stood out with 18 points in the German Bundesliga championship on Wednesday and helped his team “Gottingen” to win the sixth victory this season. Gottingen won the Bayreuth Medi with 82:80 (17:20, 21:14, 27:30, 17:16), celebrating their second success in a row .

Lomažis played 25 minutes and 45 seconds on the field, during which he scored 18 points, won three rebounds and scored six times. The basketball player sent four of the five two-point and one of the six three-point throws to the basket, as well as all seven free throws. He also intercepted the ball once, made two mistakes and earned three personal notes.

The most productive winner in a team with Lithuanian Odvalds Olešivics scored 22 points and seven rebounds in the Bayreuth club with 26 points and eight balls under the baskets. With six victories in 17 games in the Bundesliga, the Göttingen team is in tenth place. Lomaž added to the ranks of “Gottingen” after the termination of his contract with the French club playing in Euroleague Wilberban ASVEL


Latvian basketball players Artūrs Strautiņš and Ingus Jakovičs scored nine and ten points respectively on Wednesday , but it was not enough to save Varese “Openjobmetis” from losing in the Italian A-Series Championship. The Varese team gave way to “Brescia” with 83:98 (16:24, 20:24, 22:24, 25:26)

Jakovičs spent 19 minutes on the field, during which he scored ten points and won one rebound. The basketball player sent both two-point and one of the three three-point shots in the basket, as well as realized all three “penalties”. He also successfully scored once, intercepted one ball, earned three personal notes, and provoked opponents for four rule violations. Jakovich finished the game with a +/- score of 3.

The stream in the square 21 broke out with nine points, two rebounds and one intercepted ball. The basketball player threw one of the two long shots into the basket, as well as realized six of the eight “penalties”. He also earned one personal note, provoked opponents for five rule violations and ended the game with a +/- score of -21, which was the third worst on the team. Toney Douglas was the most productive in Varese club with 20 points, while Kenny Cherry forged the victory with 19 points in the second half.

The Series A tournament is continued by 15 teams that have played a different number of games due to the Covid-19 pandemic. The Trieste “Allianz” team, represented by Andrejs Gražulis, ranks seventh with nine wins in 18 games, while the Varese team with five successes in 17 duels is in position 14.

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