Russian Blockchain-powered Voting Platform ‘Withstands Node Attack’

Tyler Hromadka

Source: Adobe/niyazz.

The operators of Russia’s blockchain voting system state their platform effectively pushed back a hacking attack in the country’s referendum on constitutional reform.

Blockchain voting is being piloted in the cities of Moscow and Nizhniy Novgorod, and started on June25 People in both cities were required to pre-register their interest in casting blockchain votes, with an overall of around 1 million in the capital registering to the platform. This permits them to cast votes by means of their smart devices.

Nevertheless, Tass reports that Moscow’s clever federal government chief specified that “an attempt was made to attack the blockchain through an observer node at 21:12 Moscow time on June 27.”

The official added that the network had actually been put into a “heightened security mode,” however added,

” There was no disturbance in voting. All votes have actually been securely […] tape-recorded on the blockchain. After IT security specialists perform required work, access to the observer node will be brought back as typical.”

The operators did not discuss the nature of the attack, nor did they show who may have lagged it.
Referendum voting continues, with blockchain voting concluding tomorrow. Tass reports in addition to the 1 million citizens in the Russian capital who have actually signed up to utilize the blockchain platform, some 140,000 homeowners of Nizhniy Novgorod have actually likewise registered. The turnout according to June 27 was 75%, with an overall of 879,654 blockchain votes cast.

Nevertheless, media outlets have actually reported teething issues. The system crashed briefly after launch, having a hard time to handle a larger-then-expected increase ofvotes And one Open Media Telegram post declared that a a great deal of votes at first stopped working to sign up on the system– although the operators claim that these issues have actually because been dealt with.

A paper tally will be performed on July 1, with the result figuring out whether President Vladimir Putin might bid to extend his management beyond 2022.

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