Round by Round Results: Tyson Fury Stops Deontay Wilder in the 7th Round


The most awaited heavyweight battle of this century, the rematch in between Deontay Wilder and Tyson Fury, happened tonight at the MGM
Grand in Las Vegas, Nevada.

The final undercard battle was over around 11: 30 PM, and they held an event inside the ring to commemorate a few of the terrific heavyweight champions the sport has actually seen, such as Mike Tyson, Evander Holyfield, and Lennox Lewis. Fury weighed in at 273 pounds and Wilder came in at 231 pounds.

Fury went into the ring first with a crown on his head and was welcomed warmly by the crowd. Fury’s song option of “Crazy” by Patsy Cline while he was performed on a throne was definitely an intriguing one. Wilder came out second to a live hip hop efficiency and wasn’t welcomed as warmly by the crowd as Fury was.

The following is a round by round result of tonight’s heavyweight battle.

Deontay Wilder (42 -0 -1) vs. Tyson Fury (29 -0 -1); WBC Heavyweight Title

Rd 1:

Fury came running right out towardsWilder Wilder is circling around towards Fury’s right-hand man. Wilder tosses out 2 lazy jabs. Fury is pushing forward and lands a jab then hardly misses out on with a right-hand man. Wilder lands an excellent directly right-hand man onFury Wilder lands another directly ideal onFury Fury lands an overhand right on
Wilder Wilder tosses a jab to the body ofWilder Fury lands an excellent right cross on Wilder’s chin. Wilder misses out on with a left hook. Fury lands a jab to thebody The crowd is singing loudly forFury Fury has Wilder supporting. Fury is doing an excellent task utilizing his reach. Fury lands a directly ideal followed by a sharp jab on Wilder.

10 -9 Fury

Rd 2:

Fury comes right out to Wilder once again. Wilder is bouncing on his feet and lands a jab to thebody Fury lands a looping left hook. Fury digs a jab to the body and follows it with a jab upstairs. Fury lands another excellent left hand on Wilder, however Wilder follows it with a hard right to the temple ofFury Fury flicks another excellent jab at Wilder then ducks under a right-hand man fromWilder Wilder hardly misses out on a right-hand man. The crowd is loud forFury Wilder backs Fury up with a double jab. Wilder lands another excellent right on Fury, however Fury responses with a tidy left hand. Fury landed an excellent check left hook. Fury landed a hard right to the chin ofWilder Wilder lands an excellent right
hand on Fury and Fury responses with a left hook.
Real close round.

10 -9 Wilder, 19-19

Round 3:

Fury pushing forward once again. Fury is active with his jab. He is touching Wilder with the jab. Fury landed an excellent four-punch mix onWilder Fury is looking positive in the ring. Wilder lands a left hook on Fury as he steps forward. Fury hardly missed out on with a bomb of a right-hand man. Fury lands 2 brief right-hand men on a chargingWilder Wilder gets tagged with another jab byFury Wilder ducks under a sweeping right-hand man byFury Fury lands a jab and follows it with a right-hand man behind it. Fury lands an ideal hook and Wilder decreases. Fury leaps right on Wilder and lands another right-hand man. Wilder falls forward and it is ruled a slip. Fury looks down Wilder as he strolls back to his corner.

10 -8 Fury, 29-27 Fury

Round 4:

Wilder comes out strongly on Fury, however Fury looks like the fresher fighter. Wilder attempts to bind however Fury goes out rapidly. Referee alerts them for holding. Wilder hardly misses out on with a jab. Fury lunging forward with his crosses and jabs. Wilder loses his balance once again and slips backwards. Wilder’s left ear is bleeding severely. Fury looks really positive. Fury lands another body shot onWilder Wilder misses out on with a right-hand man. Wilder support
up and lands a jab. Fury flings out a right-hand man and lands. They bind once again. Wilder coming in low and binding
withFury Wilder looks tired. Fury is keeping the pressure on Wilder.

10 -9 Fury; 39-36 Fury

Round 5:

Fury lands a heavy 2 punch mix on Wilder early on and injuresWilder Wilder looks a little unstable however is still unsafe. Wilder getting tagged by Fury with shots on the within. Fury lands another right-hand man to the side of Wilder’s head. Fury lands a body shot on Wilder and Wilder decreases once again. Wilder looks tired. Fury lands a right as soon as the battle reboots. Fury lands more shots on Wilder who looks tired. Wilder has blood originating from his mouth. Fury is searching for the eliminate shot. Wilder gets tagged by Fury once again. Kenny Bayless eliminates point from Fury for landing a punch in the bind. Doubtful point.

9-8 Fury, 48-44 Fury

Round 6:

Blood was coming out from the ear of Wilder and he was spitting up blood in hiscorner Wilder is supporting while Fury is pushing forward. Fury lands an excellent right-hand man on Wilder as he backs into acorner Fury lands numerous more shots on Wilder by thecorner Fury landing to the body onWilder Fury lands some more excellent shots on Wilder by theropes Fury is taking deep breaths and looks worn out himself. Fury is battering Wilder on the inside when in tight.
Fury is actually taking it toWilder Fury lands a left hook to the chin ofWilder Fury is damaging Wilder.

10 -9 Fury, 58-53 Fury

Round 7:

Wilder looks worn out. Fury lands an excellent left hook and knocks Wilder backwards. Wilder looks like one punch will finish him. Fury is pushing forward and doing damage with his jabs. Fury lands an excellent body head mix. Fury jabs to the body and backs Wilder into thecorner Fury lands numerous more excellent shots on Wilder by the corner and Wilder’s corner requires the battle to be stopped and the referee required.

Tyson Fury wins by KO at 1: 39 of the 7th round.

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