Rolling, Doubling, Consuming and 20 Crypto Jokes

Tyler Hromadka

Today in crypto news on Bitcoin whale population growth may be a mirage, retail might take in 50% of BTC supply after next halving, and young Roobinhooders may move the next BTC rally. IOTA revealed the release of Pollen, the first stage towards the decentralized IOTA 2.0, and Vitalik Buterin promoted rollups as Ethereum’s scaling option. Celsius token increases over 800% given that March, and Kyber Network doubled in a month. As DeFi assaulters got more innovative while taking USD 500,000 from Balancer, Russian blockchain-powered ballot platform stated it endured a node attack.

On The Other Hand, while the BIS stated CBDCs may increase reserve banks’ footprint on financial system, South Korea promised to inject USD 111 million into the advancement of blockchain, and the federal government will permit the usage of blockchain-powered public certificates starting in December. RenrenBit’s CEO Zhao Dong was supposedly apprehended by authorities in China, however Beijing will establish blockchain fund and foster ‘unicorn’ companies. BHP Group finished a USD 14 million blockchain-powered iron ore deal with China’s Baosteel, and SBI Holdings will purchase a USD 30 million minority stake in Britain-based crypto gamer B2C2.

And now – the jokes!

As constantly, excellent early morning, Crypto Twitter! How are you today?

Source: cryptobants/Instagram.


I duplicate.


Well, sir, do you understand how crucial the discombobulator is? You do not, and that’s the problem!

@PeterMcCormack wtf Peter you need to sync your discombobulator INCLUDING wallet.dat by hand to verify the drago …

— Leon, the truth checker (@factcheckmypost)


Let’s see what’s happening with the market this week.

Current Market Status fromr/Bitcoin


Obviously, a particular frame of mind is required for this one.

Source: Matthew Graham/Twitter


$BTC vs you

— The Crypto Pet Dog (@TheCryptoDog)June 30, 2020


Absolutely the other method around.

Or is it the other way around? fromr/Bitcoin



Source: funnycryptomemes/Instagram.


This one’s a part of the long-term crypto exhibit.


Still appropriate all these years later on.

— lowstrife (@lowstrife)June 9, 2020


This may take a while.

Crypto traders taking a look at the stock exchange to choose what instructions to trade today …

— Mati Greenspan (Tweets are not trading suggestions) (@MatiGreenspan)June 29, 2020


Sounds extremely accurate.

These men action in to safeguard $9k BTC assistance. WYD?

— The Crypto Monk ⛩ (@thecryptomonk)June 29, 2020


What a. flexible guy! (Wondering which one I’m speaking about?)

Simply an image of Craig Wright and his brand-new security personnel – absolutely nothing to see here.

— Teddy (@TeddyCleps)June 30, 2020


Looks about.

Source:bitcoin baddie/ Instagram.


One method of doing it.

Cleaning out my shitcoin wallet

— Brad Michelson (@BradMichelson)June 28, 2020


Be good to mother.


‘ Axiom Zen’ for complete strangers.

Source: blockchainworldco/Instagram.


Somebody please call 911
Inform them I simply been rekt
And the shitcoin’s in my bag


And no KYC!

Source: Instagram/truewagner.


Here’s a competition for a whole bitcoin!

— Nick Core (@Crypto_Core)June 29, 2020


And here’s your weekend film.

#Bitcoin Everlasting Variety

— CryptoChimp (@Cryptanzee) June 28, 2020.

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