Roger Huerta ‘excellent to go’ when Bellator MMA returns to action

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LAS VEGAS – FEBRUARY 3: Roger Huerta (blue/grey/red shorts) def. John Halverson (black/yellow shorts) – TKO – 4: 33 round 1 throughout UFC 67 at Mandalay Bay Occasions Center on February 3, 2007 in Las Vegas, Nevada. (Picture by Josh Hedges/Zuffa LLC by means of Getty Images)

Ahead of Bellator MMA Charged on CBS Sports Network, FanSided overtook Bellator light-weight Roger Huerta to discuss what’s next.

The trials and adversities an expert blended martial artist has to go through to attain any level of success is not for the faint of heart. It’s not simply the psychological and physical stress withstood, however varying inspiration and desire that naturally occurs when life obstructs. Roger Huerta has actually been contending expertly because 2003 and 17 years after his first expert bout, he is still here prepared and waiting to book his next match up.

Speak about having durability in the sport.

Even after all of these years, the experienced veteran of 38 battles currently discovers himself anxiously waiting for the call to action.

“My body is still good, I feel ready to go,” Huerta informs FanSided. “It’s all I do, live, breathe, train MMA. That’s all I do. It doesn’t matter if its three days’ notice, one day notice, it doesn’t matter I’ll be good to go.”

The California native has actually contended in both the welterweight and light-weight division throughout the years. Regardless of riding a three-fight losing streak upon his return to Bellator in 2018 at light-weight, he has no intent of altering things up weight class smart. After training in Thailand for a long time with Tiger Muay Thai, and now branched off doing his own thing. Huerta is positive his ideal weight is at 155 and has strategies of gunning for the light-weight championship at the leading edge of his intentions.

“I’m going to stay in the lightweight division because that’s the belt I’m going after,” statedHuerta “I’ve never missed weight, to be honest, competing in wrestling or in MMA. I’ve always been pretty disciplined to do this sport and I respect it.”

While he and the rest of the Bellator lineup wait to return to competition, all eyes in the MMA world are on the UFC this weekend as the promo will be returning because the longest lay off in between occasions because2006 It’ll be a hit battle in between Tony Ferguson and Justin Gaethje headlining the event in Huertas old stomping premises of the UFC light-weightdivision Back when he was beautifying the covers of publications and fielding provides from Hollywood, if you ‘d asked him his viewpoint on what’s going on in the MMA world, he would not have much to state as undoubtedly, at that time he merely didn’t focus.

Nevertheless nowadays are various, he not just enjoys a great deal of battles nowadays however provides his viewpoint on how the main event is going to clean.

“I would say Ferguson, I think he’s got it,” statedHuerta “If you look at all of his opponents, everybody that he has ever faced. They all end up in the hospital.”

Prior to too long it’ll be his turn to make the walk, and for the Bellator light-weight, that time can’t come soon enough. Who the opponent is of small value, the strategy is the very same for whomever he takes on versus.

“Anyone that they put in front of me I’ll go after.”

At press time there was no reported date for Bellator’s return to MMA.

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