Right-of-reply from the Chinese embassy to Belgium

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The Embassy of China in Belgium took note of a post in EUobserver released on 6 May entitled “China suspected of bio-espionage in ‘heart of EU’ “, which declares that China performs bio-espionage in Belgium through vaccine advancement and S&T cooperation; China-Belgium Technology Center is a prospective base for financial espionage weakening research study results of universities and high-tech business; former director of the VUB Confucius Institute carried out espionage activities through a comprehensive socialnetwork


Such claims, based upon internal reports 4 years back, fall far from the truth, and are primarily based upon anticipations and opinions.

The so-called ‘Chinese espionage hazard’ is absolutely nothing brand-new and has time and once again been shown fictitious.

Repetitive look of such reports just serves to mislead the readers and have unfavorable results.

China establishes friendly cooperation with all countries consisting of Belgium on the basis of shared regard, equality and shared advantages.

As a fundamental part of our bilateral relations, China-Belgium technology cooperation has actually constantly followed the concept of shared advantages.

The 2 federal governments have actually signed science and technology cooperation contracts, and recognized cooperation systems such as the S&T development dialogue and the joint commission on technological and clinical cooperation.

All clinical cooperation tasks are performed in accordance with the laws and policies of the 2countries They are transparent and open, and have actually brought concrete advantages to the people.

The Chinese and Belgian business and people have the most state.

The China-Belgium Science and Technology Center discussed by the short article is a project focused on assisting in the advancement of breeding technologies and exchanges in between China andBelgium


It is a project that is composed into the joint statement of the 2 countries in 2014 and backed by national leaders and federal governments of both sides.

It is reckless to force espionage charges upon rightful S&T cooperation. Numerous business consisting of high-tech companies signed up with the trade objective led by Princess Astrid to China in 2015.

Lots Of Belgian and European research study institutes perform R&D and production activities in China. Should their operations in China likewise be questioned?

China and Belgium have our particular strengths in the S&T domain.

China has actually taken the lead in some locations. China-Belgium S&T cooperation especially in the battle versus the infection advantages both sides. Stigmatizing regular clinical and technology cooperation does not fit with the wider image of China-Belgium cooperation versus the COVID-19 and runs counter to excellent factor and are unjustified.

People-to- people exchanges are a crucial method to improving good understanding and trust in between various countries and people. China-Belgium education cooperation and cultural exchanges become part of our prospering bilateral relations and personnel exchanges.

Concerning teacher Song Xinning, the former Chinese Confucius Institute Director at VUB, the Belgian Aliens Lawsuits Council has actually just recently ruled in favour of teacher Song’s appeal versus the Belgian Migration Bureau’s travel restriction versus him.

His travel limitation into the Schengen area has actually been raised considering that the date the judgment took result.

It is hoped that people will see China and China-Belgium relations in an unbiased light, and together we will work for even more powerful China-Belgium relations and contribute to international cooperation versus the coronavirus with concrete actions.


Embassy of China in Belgium

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