Regions urge EU to act on ‘green hydrogen’

Sallie Anderson

The EU’s regions on Wednesday (1 July) prompted the unlocking of the capacity of hydrogen produced from sustainable sources, so-called ‘green hydrogen’, to accomplish environment neutrality by 2050.

The approaching European Hydrogen Method, part of the Green Offer, is anticipated to spur decarbonisation throughout Europe – specifically for the heavy market and transportation sector.

Nevertheless, green hydrogen today represents just around one percent of the EU’s energy sources, considering that many hydrogen production is originated from nonrenewable fuel sources such as gas, not renewables.

The member of the European Committee of the Regions and rapporteur on clean hydrogen, Birgit Honé, stated that green hydrogen provides Europe a chance to develop a “more sustainable, competitive and resilient economy”.

“The EU Hydrogen Strategy is an opportunity for an EU-wide vision to specifically promote green hydrogen for 2030 and 2050 in the future energy mix and economic system,” she added.

However Honé likewise worried that local and regional authorities should play a definitive role in putting the hydrogen economy in location through the advancement and execution of local programs which show the production capacity of various regions.

The committee therefore required more financing and assistance in cooperation jobs within the European Hydrogen Valleys Collaboration – which currently consists of more than 30 regions in 13 European countries.

In addition, local and regional authorities likewise suggest the European Commission to consist of in its hydrogen technique particular targets for green hydrogen production capability based on a local effect evaluation.

The commission will reveal its hydrogen technique in early July.

Frontline money

On the other hand, the committee likewise backed the Green Offer as the foundation of the EU’s recovery post- coronavirus.

” We need a green sustainable recovery and improvement in all corners of Europe. The Green offer and current propositions on the next MFF [EU’s long term budget] and brand-new recovery fund use the precise right track,” the president of the committee Apostolos Tzitzikostas stated.

Tzitzikostas likewise worried that local and regional authorities need direct and simple gain access to to European funds to invest effectively so that people see clear results in their every day lives.

“Structural changes must also be introduced to let local and regional governments on the frontline have direct access to EU funds and support when a crisis hits,” he stated, referring to the commission’s proposition of EUR2bn additional for the EU civil security action.

“We stand ready to work with the European Commission to strengthen the resilience in our regions, cities and villages across Europe,” he added.

The committee introduced previously this month a working group called ‘Green Deal Going Local’ which is comprised of agents of 13 local and regional federal governments.

They intended to translate EU environment policy into concrete jobs and funding chances for cities and regions throughout the bloc.

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