Raymon Curry: Viral video teen protester says ‘I wake up and wonder if I will live or not’

Adrian Ovalle

A 16- year-old United States kid who got a life lesson at a George Floyd demonstration from an older demonstrator in a video that went viral, says he wakes up not understanding if he will live or pass away.

Teen Raymon Curry was informed by 31- year-old Curtis Hayes in Charlotte, North Carolina, that grownups did not have the responses when it concerns dealing with racial oppression.

In the video from last Saturday, Mr Hayes pleaded with the kid: “What I need you to do today and at 16 is come up with a much better method, since how we are doing it ain’t working.

” You come up with a much better method since we ain’t doing it.”

“My dream school is Duke University. And for me to have to wake up and wonder if I’m going to survive to live or not, that’s just sad; no child should live through that.”

Raymon Curry, a 16- year-old protestor, speaks with @NBC_VC‘s@QuashieIdun pic.twitter.com/xHlJ2pBwJp

— NBC News VC (@NBC_VC)June 5, 2020

The teen copes with his mom and intends to go to college with his dream being to study at Duke University. He feels that what took place to George Floyd, might take place to him.

Mr Floyd passed away in authorities custody in Minneapolis after a white law enforcement officer was recorded with his knee on the male’s neck for almost 9 minutes.

Raymon stated: “I have many black African-American role models in my life and to see that man die in front of my face, in my head that could have been me.”

He stated that at the demonstration he ended up being “mad” and “frustrated” since he declared he had actually been attempting to keep back protesters versus authorities when he himself was pepper-sprayed in the face by an officer.

The child stated a white good friend attempted to relax him and then Mr Hayes showed up and asked if he was all right prior to providing him the suggestions.

Raymon informed NBC: “The entire point of the video was to discover a much better method – to get them to comprehend, to take your anger and channel it to positivity.

“I’m still young and attempting to comprehend since I have a lot anger and aggressiveness towards people who continuously eliminate us over and over once again. And they anticipate me to come quietly which is rather unreasonable.”

Raymon says what took place to George Floyd might take place to him. Photo: NBC

He continued: “My main focus is going to college, and for me to have to wake up and wonder if I am going to survive and live or not, that’s sad, no child should live through that.”

He stated he wished to have the ability to go up to authorities and speak with them instead of ignoring them.

The teen stated: “No one ought to stress over how to please a policeman to the point where they do not eliminate you, that’s absurd. All I desire is justice and peace.

“I do not desire this aggressiveness towards policeman, I do not wish to keep going outside and when I see a policeman I instantly need to reverse or enter the opposite method to the method they are going.

Mr Floyd passed away in United States custody in Minneapolis. Photo: Shutterstock

“I want to be able to go to a police officer to talk them, shake their hand, have a conversation.”

He added: “I wish to go up to a white individual and do the very same thing. Due to the fact that of my skin colour, I do not desire to have to keep altering myself to please these white supremacists and these officers.

“I desire us to come together as a system and as a neighborhood as one and comprehend each other and be tranquil about this.”

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