Putin’s Biggest Critic Received 648 Bitcoins from Donors Since 2016

Tyler Hromadka

Source: a screenshot, Instagram/navalny.

Russian “anti-corruption” political activist Alexei Navalny’s assistance organization has actually accumulated USD 3.3 m worth of bitcoin (BTC) in contributions, per a brand-new report.

Navalny is called among President Vladimir Putin’s most vociferous critics and his Shtab Navalny organization declares to “conduct investigations, fight for the environment, nominate independent candidates for local elections and conduct social and political campaigns.”

The platform started accepting bitcoin contributions in 2016, and calls itself “the main political opposition force in the country.”

Per media outlet RBC, which estimates blockchair.com data, Navalny’s organization has actually received an overall of BTC 648 since it started accepting bitcoin contributions, an equivalent of USD 3.3 million if each contribution’s USD worth is computed at the time of invoice.

Nevertheless, it appears Navalny is not whaling away his contributions– as simply USD 1,300 (or simply over BTC 0.14) stays in the organization’s wallet. RBC states that the money has actually either been transformed into fiat, invested or has actually been transferred to other addresses.

An overall of 3,241 deals have actually been made into or out of the Shtab Navalny wallet.

The news comes simply a day after Navalny revealed he was shutting down another donations-powered platform, the Anti-Corruption Fund— after he and a worker were struck with a combined overall of USD 1.24 million in fines.

In an official post, Navalny mentioned that contributions had actually currently assisted force corrupt political leaders and public authorities to stand down. He likewise promised to continue his battle versus Putin and the State Duma’s leading party, United Russia, which holds 335 out of an overall of 450 seats in the Russian parliament.
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