PM Modi Announces India Lockdown, Urges Country To Stay At Home For 21 Days: Top Quotes

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There Will Be A Total Bar On People From Stepping Outsides Their Houses, He Stated And Even Folded His Hands To Emphasise His Demand To People To Adhere To The Call.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi (Picture Credit: Submit Image)

New Delhi:

Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Tuesday revealed a total lockdown throughout the country for 21 days from Tuesday midnight, asserting that this is required for a definitive fight versus the coronavirus break out. In his second address to the country on the pandemic raving throughout much of the world, Modi stated the decision will have a financial expense however conserving people” s lives is of the vital interest to his federal government.

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“If we don’t handle these 21 days well, then our country, your family will go backwards by 21 years,” he stated. There will be total bar on people from stepping exteriors their houses, he stated and even folded his hands to stress his demand to people to stick to the call.

Specialists and the experience of countries combating the fatal infection make it clear that the social distancing is the only method to combat the illness, he asserted.


1. CORONA indicates ‘Koi Roadway Par Na Nikle’ (Nobody should head out on the roadways).

2. One get out of your door, beyond the “lakshman rekha”, can generate this fatal illness to your home.

3. From 12 am this evening there will be a total lockdown throughout the country for 21 days.

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4. Keep in mind, ‘jaan hai to jahaan hai’ (Life comes first, all else follows).

5. Social distancing not simply for the ill, it is for all, even for the Prime Minister.

6. Centre has actually assigned Rs 15,000 crore for combating coronavirus.

7. We are taking all actions to ensure the constant supply of important products.

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First Released: 24 Mar 2020, 11: 11: 13 PM

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