Pictures showing Prince William “agonized” after receiving a call from Harry


Journalists took pictures of Prince William, today, Tuesday, looking agonized while driving his car in London, after Gail King, Meghan Markle’s friend, revealed that her husband, Prince Harry, had spoken with his brother and their father Charles for the first time after the controversial interview with Oprah Winfrey

CBS presenter Jail King said she spoke to Harry and Meghan, and they told her that the prince spoke to his father and brother over the weekend.

But she said that the talks were “fruitless”, and that Harry / Meghan He would have liked the royal family to intervene to ask the press to “stop publishing the unfair, inaccurate and false stories that definitely have a racial tendency” about Megan and Harry.

King, a close friend of Oprah Winfrey, failed to give any Examples of stories she was referring to, but added that Meghan had “documents to support everything she said in her Oprah interview.”

And the Daily Mail adds: “If King is right about the details of the calls, It is possible that William and Charles were astonished by her leakage to Ely’s character An American illiterate. ”

In this context, King told CBS this morning,“ Well, I’m not trying to get the news, but I actually called them to find out how they were feeling. And it’s true, Harry spoke to his brother and he spoke to his father as well. The response I got was that those conversations were not fruitful. But they (Harry and Meghan) are happy that at least they have started a conversation. ”

And she continued:“ I think what continues to bother them is the continuation of Buckingham Palace by saying that it wants to work on solving the problem in particular, ”adding that Harry and Meghan “think that these false stories detract from Meghan.”

She stressed that no one in the royal family has spoken to Meghan yet, adding that “both of them want to move forward and they both want healing in this family. Ultimately it is the Harry family. ”

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