Penguins' new GM – the first goalkeeper to score in the NHL

Derrick Santistevan
Rons Hekstāls
Ron Hextal Photo: NHL

The legendary goalkeeper Ron Hextal, known as the first goalkeeper, has become the new general manager of the Pittsburgh Penguins of the National Hockey League (NHL) team represented by Theodore Bluger. The NHL scores a goal with a deliberate shot

Penguins report that 56-year-old Hexal will take over as general manager, while Brian Burk will be president of hockey operations . The 65-year-old Burk has had a wealth of experience with NHL teams since 1987. He has been the Vancouver Canucks Hockey Operations Director and General Manager, the Anaheim Mighty Ducks Hockey Operations Vice President and General Manager, the Toronto Maple Leafs General Manager and the Calgary Flames Hockey Operations President


Meanwhile, Hextal has been the Director of Personnel for Philadelphia Flyers, Vice President and General Manager of Hockey Operations, and the Kings of Los Angeles. ”Vice President of Hockey Operations and Assistant General Manager. Hexal was the Kings team’s senior adviser this season, while Burks last worked in the NHL in 2018/19.

Hexal is the first goalkeeper to score a goal with a deliberate throw-in. NHL game. He did so on December 8, 1987, when, as a “Flyers” player, he threw

a goal v Boston Bruins. He scored two goals in his overall NHL career. Although goalkeeper Billy Smith also scored technically, goalkeeper was recorded in the minutes in 1979, he did not do so with deliberate release. Smith was the last to touch the puck after Rob Remeid sent the puck into his goal.

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