PC Andrew Harper trial: Teenager set up alibi knowing ‘completely well’ he had dragged officer to his death, court told|UK News

Derrick Santistevan

A teenager has actually been implicated of building a false alibi including the movie Fast And Furious while knowing “perfectly well” he had simply dragged an authorities officer to his death.

Henry Long, 19, had been attempting to prevent arrest for taking a quad bike when PC Andrew Harper ended up being twisted in a tow rope connected to Long’s Seat Toledo in Berkshire on 15 August in 2015.

Previously today, Long told the Old Bailey he had not understood what had occurred to the 28- year-old Thames Valley Authorities officer and now felt “disgraceful” about it

PC Harper was noticable dead at the scene in Berkshire in August

However under interrogation on Wednesday, Long was implicated of attempting to cover up his participation in PC Harper’s death by producing a false alibi as soon as he returned to the caravan website where he lived.

Jonathan Laidlaw QC advised Long of a “terrifying” video the jury had seen of an authorities motorist attempting to recreate the path drawn from where PC Harper came loose and the caravan website.

Mr Laidlaw stated: “Do you understand you were able to drive that run quicker than that innovative motorist – over 30 seconds quicker?

” It simply provides a sign of how fast you were prepared to drive that night since you had eliminated a cop and you understood it.”

Mr Laidlaw stated that, on returning to the caravan website, Long had instantly set about producing his alibi – looking for the assistance of his auntie and cousin for his assertion that he had been enjoying the movie Fast And Furious.

Long had stated he selected to depend on his first cops interview since he was “terrified” but Mr Laidlaw said that ” does not make any sense at all”.

When he passed away,PC Harper had been wed to Lissie for simply 4 weeks.

The district attorney went on: “Of all things you were going to pretend you had seen, what was it you stated? It was Fast And Furious.

” That was including what? Unlawful car chases after and racing?”

The offender responded: “That’s proper.”

Mr Laidlaw continued: “And you believed that was the proper lie to inform cops in the scenarios?”

Long duplicated that he had been “terrified”.

The legal representative stated: “The truth is you were not thinking of any person however yourself. You understood completely well you dragged PC Harper to hisdeath You had set out to difficult this out.”

Long responded: “That’s not remedy.”

Long has actually formerly stated he was uninformed PC Harper was connected to his car as he drove for more than a mile along nation lanes – at what the court has actually heard were speeds of around 42 miles per hour – prior to the cops officer ended up being removed near the A4 in Berkshire.

Long was detained hours later on at the caravan website after an authorities helicopter discovered his Seat vehicle.

He has actually confessed PC Harper’s murder and conspiracy to take a quad bike, however rejects murder.

His travelers Jessie Cole and Albert Bowers, both 18, from near Reading, confess conspiracy to reject however take murder.

The trial continues.

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