Panthers throws seven puck at Red Wings goal (VIDEO)

Derrick Santistevan
Florida Panthers Photo: Tim Fuller-USA TODAY Sports

Last night in the National Hockey League (NHL) the Florida Panthers (11-4) defeated Detroit’s Red Wings 7: 2 (4-15)

The winners will have a three-point match for both striker Alexander Barkov (1 + 2) and defender Keith Jendl (0 + 3) . Patrick Hornqvist was able to score two goals, but Aaron Ecblad, McCenzy Wigar, Anthony Duckler and Juho Lamico were accurate at times. Meanwhile, Bobby Ryan and Walter Philip were the losers.

In another duel, Caroline’s “Hurricanes” (11-4) with 5: 3 beat the Blackhawks of Chicago (9-10). Jacob Slavin, Martin Nečass, Vincent Trouček scored the winners, but Nino Niedreitter scored two goals. Blackhawks contain accurate shots in the accounts of Patrick Keyn, Ian Michel and Karl Soderberg.

Meanwhile, the dry game was played by Winnipeg “Jets” (10-7) goalkeeper Laurent Brosoit, who defeated all 29 Vancouver Canucks (8-13) shots with a 2-0 victory. The victory of the “Jets” was brought about by the programs of Mark Shaifli and Mason Appleton in the opponents’ goal

Finally, Edmonton The Oilers (11-8) beat the Calgary Flames 2: 1. Jese Puljujarvi and Gītens Hāss scored in favor of the Oilers, while Rasmus Andersons defeated the Oilers goalkeeper in the opponents.

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