Operations are controlled by the robot driver

Sandra Loyd

Artificial intelligence (MI) technology used in self-driving cars is also great for surgery, says a California startup, Theator, which has developed a “surgical intelligence” platform that assists surgeons in making decisions. The platform lists the steps of the operation and provides visual content that makes it easier to choose the right direction at “intersections” and even makes recommendations.

The system uses the technologies used in self-driving cars. . MI, which controls autonomous cars, corrects and improves car control by analyzing video content and maps, and the same algorithm can be taught to support the surgical procedure. You have to avoid car crashes on the highway, but here your job is to protect the surgeon from making fatal mistakes.

Knowledge of the system is based on the analysis of recordings of many thousands of surgeries. The video image of the device mounted on the laparoscopic carriage is recorded and processed by Nvidia’s Jetson AGX Xavier platform, the Theator software cleans it of all unique identifiers, and the MI model uses their analysis to determine the points where the surgeon will choose. Overall, therefore, the system does not want to dominate the doctor, but merely seeks to reduce the mental “overload” that is placed on it during surgery so that it can make the best decisions at the best time. news from the world of IT by clicking here

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