NYC Transit Union Backs Bus Drivers Who Refuse To Transport Protesters For NYPD

Adrian Ovalle

New York City City’s transit employees’ union has actually voiced its assistance for members who refuse to assist the New york city Cops Department transport protesters to prison in the wake of a viral video that appears to show simply that.

Cheers as the bus motorist strolls off the bus, declining to drive it #BarclaysCenter #BlackLivesMatter eCA

— Brian Gresko (@briangresko) Might 30,2020

As across the country demonstrations versus cops cruelty and the killing of Minneapolis guy George Floyd grew Friday night, a video flowed revealing a crowd cheering as a city bus motorist in Brooklyn stood outside his bus with his arms crossed. Brian Gresko, who tweeted the video together with other video footage from the presentations, composed that the bus motorist was “refusing to drive it” after cops began filling it with apprehended protesters.

Cops stand amongst protesters apprehended on a bus in Brooklyn on May29

Around an hour after Gresko posted the video, Regional 100 of the Transport Employees Union of America– which represents 10s of countless transit employees in New york city City– tweeted its assistance for any bus drivers declining to drive people at the request of the NYPD.

TWU Resident 100 Bus Operators do not work for theNYPD We transport the working households of NYC, all TWU Operators ought to refuse to transport apprehended protestors. @Josmar_Trujillo @ClaytonGuse @CentralLaborNYC @TwuSamuelsen @TTDAFLCIO #JusticeForGeorgeFlyod

— TWU Resident 100 (@TWULocal100) May 30,2020

J.P. Patafio, a TWU Resident 100 vice president, made a comparable declaration to Motherboard.

Patafio informed the NYC Metropolitan Transport Authority that “our ops won’t be used to drive cops around” which they were acting “in solidarity” with the bus drivers of Minneapolis, he stated.

A union representing transit employees in St. Paul and Minneapolis, where demonstrations stimulated by the killing of George Floyd have actually raved for days, released a declaration Thursday asserting the right of its members to refuse to transport people for cops.

The New york city union’s position is “not an attack” on the NYPD, Pete Donohue of TWU Resident 100 ′ s interactions department tweeted Saturday.

“Transit workers aren’t cops or corrections officers and shouldn’t be compelled to move prisoners or arrestees,” he composed. “That’s a law enforcement role.”

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