No disease without a Cure

Sandra Loyd

By Nawal Tariq

“There is no disease that Allah has created, except that He also has created its treatment.”( Al-Bukhari)

Hazrat Muhammad (SAW)

Muslims can’t repudiate it and no soul in the world would like to reject it. Each non vicious soul, surviving on the face of earth would long for the exact same. Countless non-deadly and fatal illness exist however always remember the reality that they are co-existing with their particular remedies. Yes, the remedies of all the illness do exist someplace here however a few of them are yet to be found. Taking about pandemics, history is full of such fatal monster who consumed millions of valuable lives. Pandemics are illness which results people worldwide.

Asian influenza in 1956-59 eliminated practically 2 million people, Influenza Pandemic eliminated 20– 50 million people (1918), Sixth Cholera pandemic 1910-1911 eliminated more than 8 million, the black death among the most significant upsurges took place in 1346-53 eliminated more than 200 million people. Upsurges are upsurges till their remedies are not found to eliminate the madness. If we speak about the modern situation, we even now a days are dealing with one such huge fatal monster name Corona Infection likewise Covid-19 The huge monster in a matter of couple of days has actually gnawed countless lives and millions are impacted. Monster appeared at first in china is now swallowing up lives practically in universe. World is frightened of it. Regretfully; the cure is still concealed someplace not yet been appeared till then what we can do is conceal ourselves from the monster. Enter dark and do not let yourself be a victim of this monster.

The concern is how to enter dark and conceal yourself from this monster. It’s simple simply keep yourself sanitary and tidy all the time, clean your hands specifically. Do not let the huge monster enter yourself. It can just attack you through non sanitary methods. Wash your hands prior to consuming, prevent touching face. It enters your body through beads of coughing and sneezing of impacted individual. Preserve social distancing, prevent unneeded taking a trip stayhome Even then there are some preventative measures which can offer defense if you can not remain home and have to go to work location. The offices which are open even for some skeleton personnel should take essential preventive procedures for the much better defense of their particularpersonnel As just recently experienced, in Punjab Food Authority office they have actually set up a disinfection gate which decontaminates everyone that enter. Their body temperature level is inspected and not just this they can just get in if they have actually cleaned or sterilized their hand, they are likewise offered mask and gloves. Other offices should likewise take such preventive procedures to ensure the safety of their personnel and other individuals with go to functions.

Another method to secure yourself is to have healthy and quality food. Well balanced healthy food consumption and appropriate hydration can show to be enormously handy in the break out of coronavirus. Make your immune system this much strong that even if you are captured by coronavirus monster, your immune system has the possible to combat it beat it. Since they have strong immune system, People with healthy dietary routines are less vulnerable to contagious and persistent illness. Not just grownups’ children’s dietary matters likewise require high attention, quality and healthy food reinforce their immune system, guarantees healthy growth and enhance cognitive advancement. Above all it minimizes the danger of acquiring unneeded weight, getting ill with contagious viral illness later on in their life and they will have power to combat them if struggles with any. All food groups ought to be consisted of in your everyday diet plan however in particular quantities. Diet plan consists of all food groups i.e. vitamins. Minerals, proteins, fats and so on makes your inner system more powerful and enhances the performance of your organs. Now a days in the break out of Coronavirus pandemic as recommended by medical professionals and diet plan specialist we should enhance dietary routines.

According to WHO (World Health Organization) we ought to consume range of unprocessed and fresh foods to ensure all food groups consumption i.e. vitamins, minerals, dietary fiber, protein and anti-oxidants, these are the need of your body for appropriate performance of organs. We should prevent the excess consumption of sugar, fat and salt to decrease the danger of acquiring unneeded weight, cardiovascular disease, stroke, diabetes, particular kinds of cancer and other such persistent illness. A diet plan mix of various fruits, veggies, grains, proteins should become part of your life. Now a days choose fruits with vitamins specifically having vitamin C e.g. oranges lemons, apples, veggies particularly green leafy veggies e.g. spinach and proteins e.g. beans, nuts, seeds, meat, chicken, fish, eggs and so on. Dark green leafy veggies and orange/yellow colored vegetables and fruit are particularly helpful for their resistance. Safe food; food that is healthy to take in is a fundamental requirement of life and particularly the days we are residing in; Coronavirus pandemic have actually captured more value. Not simply consume healthy beverage healthy too. Consume as much liquids as you can. Water in any condition is the very best option however you can likewise have fruits which contain water, for instance lemon juice (watered down in water and unsweetened), tea and coffee. Prevent the usage of too much caffeine, and evade sweetened fruit juices, syrups, fruit juice focuses, carbonated and still consumes as they all include sugar. All departments in world are spreading out awareness in the particular matter, like in Pakistan health department i.e. Secondary and main health care department, food department i.e. Punjab Food Authority and other such federal government are operating in this regard. Even in this hard Director General Punjab Food Authority Irfan Nawaz Memon in addition to his team are attempting and working to ensure the arrangement of healthy and safe food to people, we as accountable residents should support their work and work together based on their instructions.

There is no doubt in the reality that we are residing in hard times and it becomes part of our iman (Muslims iman) that no disease that has actually sent out down on earth is send out down without its cure. World professionals are dealing with its best cure approaches and soon we will have it however till then we should act carefully and vigilantly and follow all the cautionary procedures. to conserve not just our own lives however likewise the lives of our cherished ones who are close to us.

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