No combustion engine at Porsche by 2030: All models except 911 will be electric

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The Porsche Taycan with rear-wheel drive is the entry-level model in the series. (Photo: Porsche)

In the long term, the legendary Porsche 911 will be the manufacturer’s only combustion engine, but will run on e-fuels. All other models should be electrified by 2030.

Porsche boss Oliver Blume posted the picture on On Sunday he gave an interview and confirmed his electrical course. The premium carmaker plans to invest 15 billion euros in electric drives over the next five years and offer 80 percent of its models purely electric or as a hybrid by 2030.

Porsche already has Stromer successes to show

Porsche finds this decision easier than other car manufacturers. After all, the fully electric Taycan is one of the manufacturer’s bestsellers. Last summer, the Taycan (test) was even the best-selling car from Zuffenhausen and had left the 911 behind. Porsche also wants to bring the next generation of the Macan SUV onto the market only as fully electric.

The manufacturer only wants to equip the Porsche 911 with an internal combustion engine in the long term. A sufficient supply of synthetic fuels should be available by 2030, so that the company’s icon could also drive with them without emissions. Porsche had committed to the development of synthetic fuels and wants to at least contribute to the specification.

So far, Porsche boss Blume had already declared that he wanted to equip half of all cars sold with an electric or electrically assisted drive by 2025. The new 80 percent mark apparently assumes that the 911 will deliver around 20 percent of sales in 2030 as well.

Porsche relies heavily on Taycan

The rear-wheel drive Porsche Taycan holds the record for the longest drift of an electric car. (Photo: Porsche)

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30,000 Taycans should roll off the production line by 2021, 50 percent more than planned for 2020 but not implemented. The corona crisis had screwed up the premium carmaker’s goals. Nevertheless, a total of 272,000 vehicles were sold – it should have been 300,000.

From March, the Taycan will be available from dealers in a basic version with rear-wheel drive and a smaller battery from 83,520 euros. That could give the already popular model another boost.

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