Nigeria’s ‘Rock Goddess’ wants to change people’s minds

Adrian Ovalle

Singer Bianca Okorocha, aka Clay, is something uncommon in the world of Nigerian music.

Bianca Okorocha carries out throughout a practice session at the black star studio in Lagos, Nigeria, March 2, 2020.

In a country controlled by Afrobeats, the 26- year-old who calls herself the “Nigerian Rock Goddess” is attempting to change long-held understandings that rock is something alien to her nation’s music scene.

Worn black with a crucifix sign on her cheek, she provides her alternative rock design, a home town ambiance with lyrics in regional languages: Nigerian and Igbo pidgin.

Okorocha’s brand-new single, “Wetin you want,” which equates as “What do you want,” informs her story of defiance in a city full of scoundrels and hustlers with the catchphrase “This is Lagos.”

“People tell me that when they hear my song on the radio, and they heard the English part, they thought it was an American song and the next thing they heard Igbo. My God, she is Nigerian,” Okorocha informed the Reporters.

Okorocha states her musical design is greatly affected by her daddy’s love of rock.

“Rock music chose me because even when I was young without any idea or plan of going into music at all, I was already writing songs on the side, and they were all rock songs,” she states.

“When I had to pick my TV channel, I was picking channels that play rock music, so this is something that I always liked when I was growing up as a child, and my dad too influenced that because he used to listen to Bon Jovi and the likes.”

Okorocha started singing in a church choir then proceeded to carry out in bars and at shows.

She launched her first single in 2011, “Ogadisinma,” or “It’s going to be well,” which decreased a storm.

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