Nicole Thea: Pregnant YouTube star, 24, and unborn son die

Derrick Santistevan

Pregnant YouTube star Nicole Thea and her unborn son have actually passed away, her family has actually stated.

A declaration from her mom stated the 24- year-old and her infant passed away on Saturday early morning, however did not expose how.

The London dancer and influencer, who has 180,000 Instagram followers and 90,000 on YouTube, was 8 months pregnant and had actually been routinely keeping her fans as much as date on her pregnancy, which she had actually referred to as “good”.

Her mom exposed that Thea and her partner, TikTok star Global Boga, 20, had actually called their unborn kid Reign.

She stated a number of videos her child had actually shot prior to her death will be released on her YouTube channel.

Among her getting a cast of her stomach was released on the very same day she passed away and another of a behind-the-scenes shoot of Thea entering a bath of milk, flowers and grapefruit was released on Sunday.

Her partner, a member of the street dance team Ghana Boyz, had posted a video of himself dancing with a pram early on Saturday and stated in a post recently he thought his son was showing up “on a Monday”.

2 weeks prior to Thea’s death, the couple had actually released a video of them loading their health center bag in partnership with Pampers.

In the declaration, her mom stated: “Nicole pre-scheduled a few YouTube videos and Boga has made the decision to allow them to be aired.”

She requested personal privacy “because our hearts are truly broken and we are struggling to cope with what has happened”.

“My beautiful baby girl Nicnac and my grandson Reign, I will miss you for the rest of my life until we meet again in eternal heaven,” she added.

Thea and her partner revealed her pregnancy in April, stating: “God gave us the biggest blessing yet.”

Fans and fellow influencers have actually commemorated Thea on social media.

Beauty blog writer and talent scout Chanel Ambrose altered her Instagram profile photo to among her good friend and stated Thea’s death “has broken my heart so deeply”.

Choreographer Sherrie Silver stated she was “completely and utterly heartbroken”, while Love Island star Alexandra Walking stick composed: “This is heart breaking.”

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