New No Man's Sky update lets you keep pets

Adrian Ovalle
A new free update to No Man’s Sky is available today that allows players to keep pets in the game.

No Man’s Sky has been around for five years this August, and developer Hello Games claims it has a lot planned for the game this year. The new Companions update available starting today will kick off the game.

Players can tame and train the aliens they encounter and then compete with them. to breed. When a player ‘adopts’ a creature, it can accompany the player on his or her journeys. They can also be stroked and fed. The various creatures can also find treasures, serve as a light source, help dig up minerals, and hunt other beasts.

When the player’s pet is well maintained, he or she will lay eggs, which can be modified again via the new Egg Sequencer in the Space Anomaly to hatch even more exotic creatures. Of course it is also possible to trade with other players.

The new update also adds accessories and decals for the pets that can be customized by players. In the patch notes you can also read that PS4 players can now also enjoy improved loading times. In addition, various bugs are eliminated. Hello Games says it has even more in store for the space travel game for the rest of the year.

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