Mönchengladbach Borussia head coach to move to Dortmund Borussia

Derrick Santistevan
Marko Rose
Marko Rose | Photo: Menhengladbahas “Borussia”

The German Bundesliga football club “Borussia” in Dortmund will be led next season by Marko Rose, who will be the head coach of the “Borussia” club in Mönchengladbach this season. In December, Borussia relieved Lisjen Favra of his position as head coach, but he has been replaced by acting coach Erdin Terzich.

Germany The Rheinische Post and the Kicker magazine report that the Dortmund team has signed a contract with Rosi, who is working for the second season of the Mönchengladbach team. The Mönchengladbach team later confirmed that the Rosem League includes a clause allowing the specialist to leave the team prematurely until 2022.

Before joining the Monchengladbach Rose with the Austrian team Salzburg “Red Bull” won the local championship twice, but already in the first season at the helm of the Mönchengladbach club was able to reach the UEFA Champions League main tournament. Significantly, in March, the Mönchengladbach and Dortmund teams will meet in the quarterfinals of the German Cup. “Borussia” has scored 33 points in 21 games this season and is in the sixth place, but the same number of points is also for the Menhengladbach club.

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